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I used to buy books but not get to read them. Still have those books but I don't buy more anymore haha, so I wanted to share some ways it can be avoided or at least minimized.


I never heard that word before - tsundoku.
I've got to say I stopped buying books for some time, because the e-books apperead to be more convenient to read when I travel to work.
However the best I think is to borrow books either from a friend or library .

Haha, it's a Japanese word actually. Forgot to put that in there somewhere. Lemme edit.

I find real books so much better than e-books. There is something very satisfying about the feel of a book in your hand and I find I can become much more involved with real printed text rather than a digital screen. I'm afraid I'm something of a book hoarder myself as I find it very difficult to part with any. My excuse is that they will all be read when I retire!

Hahaha, that's years away before they all get read. Maybe I will do that too in my old age? Who knows. I have both ebooks and actual books piled up and unread. Whew at least I've stopped buying books. Not buying anymore anytime soon. No no nooo, not if i can help it. haha.

I'm lucky that my wife is a fan of books as well so my hoarding is tolerated - within limits that is!

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