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RE: Pay it Forward Entry - Week 42

in #curation2 years ago

Thanks. I still need to work on my post tags ;p
I will have to look into the curation contests. I like finding good reads as much as writing. Good work on downvoting spammers. It takes courage, but it's importance and function is clearly outlined in the Steem whitepaper.


Ha, I'm not that courageous! I've only broke out the flag once off twice in the past. Normally, I report to Steemcleaners, it is best to keep a third party distance as some of these scanners have large rings of accounts, or are backed by an unseen large account.

Anyway, the anti-curation is of equal importance as the normal curation!

Using a 3rd party service is a great idea actually. I am usually too nervous to downvote. Usually, I'll sleep on it since there is no need to hurry curation wise, then decide it was more me being bitter than them deserving a downvote. I do appreciate that this community seems more open towards it than some other places where it isn't possible or it is highly frowned upon.