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Yesterday began like most; I woke up...Always a good day when that happens. Like most mornings I reached over and grabbed my phone...After giving my wife faith a morning kiss and cuddling the cats of course. I like checking out what's been going on around the blockchain overnight and yesterday was pleased to run into a post from @curangel announcing a curation initiative that, on reading it, seemed totally legit and well-worthy of my time.

Take a look below at the opening paragraph of that post and here's the link to the full post: curangel post here

Curangel was born from the idea to provide an alternative to bid bots or vote automation for stakeholders which are not interested in curating themselves, but don't want to watch inflation eating up their stake either. We engage a motivated team of experienced curators to find undervalued deserving content, and share the received rewards 80/20 between delegators and curators.

I clicked the link in the post to Discord, a place I rarely go, and was pleased to find a couple of champs in there, @m31 and @pharesim who are both involved with the initiative. Some questions, and answers, later and I was on board. I headed straight over to register and have since suggested a couple of posts by @bembelmaniac who was resteemed by @balticbadger plus @ginnyannette and @goat-girlz whom I follow. Image above borrowed from the @curangel launch post.

I'm feeling pretty good about it all. After a couple of years on the blockchain, posting more than once a day myself, being supported by others, feeling unsupported at times, seeing poor content circle-jerk its way to trending and a lot of bid-bot abuse...Well, I'm feeling pretty positive, helped along by the improvements through the recent HF and announcement of the @curangel project which allows me to support others in a more meaningful way.

Furthermore this is the first time I can value-add posts I feel are worthy of more reward and actually see them benefit. My small upvote doesn't add much value, even at 100%, and a re-steem to my own feed doesn't generally do a deserving post much justice either. But @curangel will make a difference to those posts I curate! I'm excited to have the weight of an initiative like this behind me and in my humble opinion I believe it will lead to a more even distribution of rewards to authors doing the right thing.

You might like to take a look at the announcement post from yesterday, link above. There are some parameters around being rewarded with an upvote from @curangel, in fact even around being suggested by a curator in the first place, so you may want to familiarise yourself.

I'm still going to post, probably daily, as I have in the past...You can't shut me up so easily, however I look forward to investing a little more time into curation and hope to see some really great posts and authors gain some support. It will give me a buzz to know in some small way I've added to a person's experience here and to the blockchain in general.

As a reasonably small account I can't offer big vote rewards however I feel very qualified to curate posts and identify those which need support, or to stand out a little more prominently. This initiative is the vehicle that will drive my curation and I look forward to seeing some great work from...YOU!

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Discord: @galenkp#9209 🇦🇺
@curangel curator
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Attaboy! I congratulate you on this initiative :)) My drawing with angel wings will help you to have a lot of success in this field. Good luck!

Nice drawing! ✅

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Thx for shoutin g me out !!

No worries. The thanks goes to @curangel really...I'm just a small part of the greater picture. Keep up the good work @bembelmaniac.

First time I heard about this. Thanks for sharing.

Check out the link and work on some great posts...I follow you so would love to put a post or two forward for @curangel.

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I did go register this morning, but was not at all clear on what was required or what to do next.

You registered as a curator?

Make sure you’re familiar with the guidelines for what @curangel will accept and you’re pretty much good to go. Getting in the Discord thing might help as you can ask direct questions to the champs I mentioned in my post. There is a link to Discord in my post.

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It appeared that my next step required me to delegate and I went looking for their delegation links and never found them, and then got distracted by something shiny elsewhere and never went back to them. I'll look at it again tomorrow.

I used steemworld to delegate. Easy peasy.

I'll look at that. Thanks.

Welcome. :)

A splendid catch in @ginnyannette, a genuine pleasure to read. I will check out the others as I don't know of them

She's a keeper.

I sent her some Vegemite from here in Australia, which she's been eating daily...Raises her awesomeness, if indeed it's possible to be more awesome than she is. She's now Australimerican and loving it. Survived the hurricane too it seems.

Ah, the Vegemite person!! I remember that now!! Top notch!

Yep, I sent two to America, one to Germany, one to the UK and one to Romania. Was a fun exercise and most posted something about it which was good to engage with.

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Congratulations! I hope this works out well for you.

Won't do anything for me at all, but will mean something to those posting good work, they'll get more for it through me seeing it and suggesting it to @curangel 😉

This photo is the reason I do not pick up my phone 1st thing.......

I know.... I know...... The dirty little pimple bots downvotes, on the Ass of Steemit's Blockchain, do not really amount to anything......... Or does it.?

It is pretty much every post now, one a few back got 5 downvotes...... WTF.!?!

I will post from time to time, to see if the creepy stalker bots are still here. But until the Steemian Powers that be, "Hard Fork" a way to BLOCK & DELETE these Cowardly Trolls, I will be a ghost here.....

I get them too.

A shame you're going to hold back, but your choice I suppose. There is a process happening with downvotes at the moment and it will change the way things are here for the better.

I'd like to see you hang in there but understand if you don't want to..

Gonna hang around and see if the Cowardly Bully downvoter Bots go away. As a Ghost (Sniper)

Just let em pop there head up where I could get a cross on em..... Heheh

Cartoon Avatar of Me.....

It's not worth worrying about. Get a good post up here and there, engage where you can with the good people and a down-vote or two won't make any different to your life. They win if you let them.

If only we could pink mist them, but alas, we cannot. No point letting them win though. Hang around and they'll disappear. Glad you're doing so.