Statistics after 30 days of curangel

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It's been over a month since we started our beta, and we have some quite impressive stats to present!

Image taken from steemreports

The graph from steemreports only goes back 30 days, but our database keeps everything. Since launch we have voted on 2833 posts by 1539 different authors. 419 different (primary) tags were covered, with the most prevalent being listed at the bottom of this post.

Payouts to delegators keep exceeding expectations, with an apr of 8.4% (sample size last 7 days) they are higher than what most bid bots are able to offer these days, in some cases very significantly.
We implemented a throttling system similar to steem mana for our curators which is intended to make them focus on the best quality posts and by popular request are working on our own trail, so this may even go further up in the future. Anyone still delegating to bots should seriously question their motives now!

The distributed downvote system is doing a great job in taking rewards off bot abusers and circle jerks, in some cases we proud ourselves in having contributed to stopping them. Others are more resilient, and as you may have noticed we are on the retaliation list of one of the past big offenders, but that had to be expected and doesn't have the slightest influence on our efforts.

All in all it's been a very successful month, and we're looking forward to helping with bringing #newsteem forward! See you soon!


Thank you for your interest in the Curangel project! If you want to help us supporting a wide range of valuable community members and at the same time receive a share of the generated curation rewards, consider sending us a delegation. By doing so, you will also receive the possibility to help us move rewards from overrated posts back to the pool.
For more info, check out our introduction post

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One day GAMING TAG will be on that list. I dunno why gaming community is so underappreciated on this blockchain.

I think people think that making a video is just recording it and uploading. I think they think streaming is just playing games. And so on, and so on...

This is not a rant against you nor anything against you. I am in love with what you do but it makes me sad that the gaming community is constantly throwed under the rag even tho' it has a big potential to be the first community to start mass onboarding. If not the biggest. IMO

I mean think about it...

This all being said, please do not think that I'm ranting or being hostile towards great curation projects like @curangel is, that's not my point here.

Keep doing great job curators, thanks for everything <3

Maybe they need a gaming curator. Are you volunteering?! :)

Nah, I am a curator for @ocd so I cannot be here :( Would like to, but that would be double-dipping or something like that xD

I just wanted to state my opinion because I'm confused sometimes :)

There's 3 from gaming, 2 from game and 2 from games. Together they would've nearly made it on the list ;)
Still room for improvement on that, I agree.

We (gamers) will make it happen ;)

Thanks for the great work you all do!

Poetry too seems underrated as well, maybe one day it might be different, I'm a professional poet and I don't see these curation Bodies curating poetry

It is always underrated, because not everyone has that passion for literature, some believe that it is an easy way to write and that it does not deserve so much recognition.

Hopefully communities will help. I used to be a big gamer myself and haven't forgotten my roots.

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Great to see things are moving in the right direction. We want to see a platform where people speak their mind and are appreciated by that. Hopefully the trend will keep up and we can stay the course.

Looking good! The direction seems right, all we have to do is sail on.

That was alot you guys realy doing great in steem community..Green thumbs up to everyone specialy @pharesim More Power and keep on Blessing others!

Thank you. I'd like to pass the special thumbs up on to the curators, they made this all happen!

Yes! let's credit it to the whole team of curangel. hurray!

Off to a great start! Blowing the competition out of the water so far!

I didn't realize we have competition :D
Unfortunately most bots are still better funded than we are. Wonder what it takes to make people switch their delegations...

The sample size is small, but once you show consistency month-to-month, recruiting delegators should be easier IMO.

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Thank you for the feedback - I'm happy to see it 😊
You may have already done this and I've missed it: have you published your guidelines for curation?

We didn't, no. They are very brief, curators are pretty free to add whatever they feel comfortable to be associated with in the compilation. Here's what we give them on the way:

  • Max 1 vote per author per day, max 1 vote per curator per author per week (automatically enforced)
  • No posts where payout is in less than 36 hours (automatically enforced)
  • No posts by authors using bidbots (automatically enforced)
  • Plagiarism check before submitting post to queue (reverse image search, text search)
  • No Steem reposts or reposts older than a year from author’s private blogs/sites

Thank you 😊
I wonder if I could put forward a tag for curation: #needleworkmonday
It's always been a small niche community, although some Mondays there have been as many as thirty posters. On posts on other days, #needlework is used.
Many thanks 😊

@curangel Thanks so much for the support!

A great effort curangel! I'm so pleased to be on board as a delegator and curator and hope more jump on board this excellent project.

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Thank you for being an integral part of the team!


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Congratulations @theguruasia, 100% upvote has been shared with your successful call on the post that shared by @curangel!

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You guys rock. Thanks so much for the support. I'm new here and you guys have been my biggest supporter so far. Mucho gracias mi amigos :)

Darling folks, great vision. I believe with time
more and more tags will be curated and more bad actors will be eliminated. Keep up the good work