EXOTIC Thai Puppet show | This little monkey just stole my kiss! 😘

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I just discovered this awesome place to go watch this exotic ’Thai Puppet show’ Yes! Even Thai person like me consider it exotic! Can’t believe it’s free! and it’s just right in Bangkok! at ‘The Artist house’ by a canal. Oh my! Even sounds more exotic. Upstair got some art work and downstairs also serves coffee. I so loved it and for sure recommend if you ever come visit the city of angels.

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Beefly delicious. So much BEEF!! And it all’s so yum!

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It's so compact and affordable. Yes! It's great for vlogging as well :)
Great sound creates great video contents so yes, the mic needed
This thing makes my life so much easier. Yes, it does!

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Mo ❤

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Go puppet dudes!!!! truly artists!
amazing coordination!!!!! I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE HOW GOOD THEY ARE!!!

Hahaha yeah, kinda (almost) my first time watching it as well.. not sure, I'm not sure if it's my first but yeah, I so love it! ❤️

it looks very cute hehehe!
the movements are very special haha :D


Well that puppet got lucky tho ! 🤣🤣🤣

Bwahahaha 😭

yup yup one lucky monkey puppet ! hahahaah :D :D

works of art and also serves coffee. nice posts you @waybeyondpadthai are good friends. i really like this post. i will share your information, friend. continue buddy

Thank you so much for stopping by! and thanks for the resteem! ❤️

Thanks babe on the info on how to get the video equipments

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Ohhhh! It's actually a video about art / puppet show / awesome place in Bangkok. The equipment is just the footer @chiama ... hahaha :D ❤️

Ohhhh, alright

I really liked the tour of today :)

While I really wanted to know which software do you use while editing ;) I wanna try that too :)

I literally just use iMovie :) Though, today I just started using Keynote app for my title and animation stuff :) Thanks for watching! You have a great night ❤️

Those puppets are so cute, Mo. :D

Greetings from Brussels, @joythewanderer

And he kissed meeeeeee hahaha Now I'm sending a kiss to Brussels! 😘 ❤️

โดนหอมแก้มซะแล้ว สงสัยคงต้องฟ้องคริส ...กรี๊ดลั่นเลยสงสัยชอบ 555555

55555555 ชอบมาก เปลี่ยนรูปโปรไฟล์ยูทูปเป็นลิงหอมแก้มเลย 5555 แฟนชื่อเควินพี่ ฮ่าๆ ❤️

อุ้ยยย โทดที...ลืมชื่อแฟนน้องซะงั้น 5555

I was planning to watch the puppet show when I went to Bangkok last time, but they took a rest when we went. Too sad!

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Oh my, next time we go there together for sure Cattyyyy! ❤️

That was a pretty great puppet show, haha. I actually saw a show in New Zealand at a Thai festival that had a real person dress in the same outfit as the puppet and he was chasing a mermaid or something. The puppeteers are really talented and entertaining. Good vlog.

Oh! That's good that you gotta see it. Even here in Thailand, I actually think it's so rare (Or I'm not keen on finding one.. LOL) ❤️

That was so funny at the end with the puppet kiss! I definitely want to see this place when I'm in town.

Can't wait to go visit places with you and P Angie! ❤️

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Thank you so much! <3

H A N U M A N ! ! !


Do you know him?????! He's so famous, like, really!

They even know of him in Wakanda!

That's one lucky monkey!!!!

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Aw haha Thanks! 😅

I know you have millions of fans
However I just finished watching over an hours worth of your videos
You are absolutely Stunning and Awesome
Didn't mean to drool over you
But I had to say it

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Oh my, thank you for watching really. I appreciate it a lot when people really watch my contents as I put ❤️ into it. Thanks again!

It really shows
I am being very sincere
I'm new to the social media
Old at life. Lol
But through all the you tube videos and things I've done so far

You are top in your passion and your beautiful smile

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Wow! hahaha :D ❤️

May I ask you this???
Does Dtube not store your videos
I see when I click on videos under your name it takes me to you tube

I want to support the steem community not you tube

Maybe you can clarify this for me


And thanks for all your replys

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DTube doesn't keep you vids forever unlike DLive. If you scroll down my DTube profile and try clicking on some of the vids, some are way gone. I store all my videos on Youtube.

That was really good. You do an awesome job

Thank you for watching ! ❤️

Yes mam
I really enjoy your humor and your material
It is done really well

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Thanks babe on the info on how to get the video equipments

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