East Gate of Seoul, 흥인지문 flourish perfect virtue gate

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There were 4 main gates in Seoul, east, west, south and north.
I had posted reltating to the South gate.


There exist 3 gates until now.
West Main gate was destroyed by Japanese Imperialist.
At that time other gates were demolished. the destroyed gates were rebuilt after the Japanese Imperialist had been defeated.

In this time I'd like to post the East Gate. East gate has it's meaning like South gate.

East gate's meaning was the Perfect Virtue.

So the front board of the East gate was written "flourishing the perfect virtue gate"
East gate was built in 1396 first, and had been fixed several times.
Actually this is the sole gate have preserved fisrt shape.

It is the photo of 1904.

You can get to the East Gate easily. The gate is by the street. and you can enjoy walking aroung the gate

Around the east gate there are lots of morden building.
But traditional gate and mordern building are making beautiful harmony

The east gate looks authoritative, but felt the east gate very familiar for me to other gates.

The east gate have lived with common people throough history.
You can find the traces and scars of Korean War on the wall

It must be a machinegun.

Close shot

Next time, I 'd like to post more detailed on the East gate

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포스팅 중간에 이미지 링크가 살짝 깨져있네요.

옛사진과 비교해보니 괜스래 감회가 새롭습니다.



Oh I love Seoul! I used to live there as an English teacher. I miss it very much and can't wait to visit again!

Visit once more . Hahaha

More than once, hopefully. I love Seoul~ <3
나 서울을 사랑해~

Hi @slowwalker! Thanks for the interestsng article and nice photos! I will be glad if you will get to know my best works here! I appreciate your support

Thank you

Man, you missed the eighth photo, just a small misspelling.

Thank you

So fun to learn the history of these gates and fantastic pictuers @slowwalker. Thanks


Very informative post. Thanks :)

Welcome @askaran

Walled cities were common during the medieval era and it's charming to see remnants of them that still persist into the modern era.

These four gates were obviously constructed at the cardinal compass points and would be closed at night to provide security for the citizens.

Nowadays there is no need for such walls but back in the 1300's it would have been comforting to be enclosed in a defended area at night where you could sleep in peace safe from robbers or invaders.

The walls are symbolic, but aside from one incident I recall some years back when North Koreans tried to take control of one gate, these beautiful gates stand for protection--they are not designed to wall people out but defend those within.

The East Gate that you feature, @slowwalker is a beautiful tower gate that does look lovely in its surroundings and as you say, it blends well with the architecture of modern buildings.

Unfortunately, the gate of perfect virtue bears the scars of war, an ominous sign that people are still at risk from aggressors and need to be protected. Hopefully, this will not always be so.

A lovely post, @slowwalker, with many beautiful photos.

Thank you so much for your comment

These places have much to tell about the history and how they were built, people will love to know about them in detail. thanx for sharing.

Nice post and nice photo @slowwalker thank you very much for sharing

Thank you

I realy like the japanese buildingstyle. I always have to think of dragons!

good job

Lovely place.. Its good to know places like this exist. Resteemed

love the architecture

such a wonderfull and beautifull place @slowwalker

this is lit !

@slowwalker Japan have an ultramite architecture!! It's really amazing thanks for sharing with us!!

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Looking at the gunshots on the wall makes me feel the pain these people went through!
Thanks for sharing your country history with us @slowwalker!

Thank you so much

Sweet shots ! I like the "machine gun" wall :D

Nice photograph & very peaceful place. Thanks for sharing.

a very nice traditional buildings @slowwalker, despite being without being eaten by the time of the building remains visible is still standing. and the immediate vicinity of the building also built many new buildings and not beat the value of this building, very nice post brother, always love your posts. Thank you for share this content to all of us. very interesting.

Thank you

You are welcome @slowwalker

Your pictures are fascinating, but you can not convince me that there are not elaborate tunnels and great rooms under that city, probably holding great wealth and secrets about past civilizations. I wish I could explore your town and those tunnels i know must be under there...


very beautiful scenery. extraordinary @slowwalker

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Beautiful and traditional buildings i really like the roofs are too different what i see daily. Thanks for sharing

The contrast between those traditional buildings and the skyscrapers is always an epic view!

@slowwalker, I like your post making me a lot of understanding about seoul 🙆 thank's

amazing culture,i reestem.

Seul is my life

Very nice my friend. Can't wait for more details on the East gate :]

Nice travel through history.

All of them are great photos but I really love the one that shows the old structure in front of the modern buildings.


I love Seoul. The contrast of the modern city and the mountains that van be seen make it a beautiful sight to behold.

If these walls and gates could talk, they would tell us so many stories ...

The machine gun marks should be relatively new i guess?

incredible architecture, love it

amazing pictures my friend @slowwalker greetings

giphy.gif Nice post

Amazing photo of seoul gate hope we will see other gates in future posts.

Beautiful places Great job! Keep up the good work.I follow you.Do not forget to vote in my post. Thank you.

good story, nice pics

Nice chinese culture!

Very good photo capture, light and focus is very stable @slowwalker

it's my edited work digital art manipulation, i hope you like it @slowwalker


Fascinating photos. Historical building in modern city.

The east gate looks like a very pleasant place to live, so clean looking.. great photos I really enjoyed this share, cheers!

so nice to see those cultural values are still present in there.

@SlowWalker, how are you able to always get so many nice pictures? How often do you travel per day?


Awesome pictures! Love the history

Thanks for post

The East Gate of Seoul looks absolutely beautiful.
It is way better than any of the Roman gates that London has haha
Great Shots @slowwalker

Wow great photos . I want to go their too .. i want to go in korea someday

Amazing photos and very informative post!

Thanks :)

great !! upvoted
I love traveling actually china :)

Mind blowing photos ! beautiful post my friend !

Fascinating. Learning on steemit. Thanks for sharing!

Seoul has a great architecture!

Interesting monument....thanks

so nice place!!! I love to see ancient buildings and ancient walls in the city, I love them! Thanks so much to share these beautiful pics ^_^

Thank you

the best culture blog in steemit , thanks @slowwalker

So much fun to read about the history of culture.. Whenever i stuck in your post, i have positives vibes to read. Cause you post so much interesting on it. Loved it

It's really empowering to learn about the history and culture of many economies. This picture represents a long line of history empowering Seoul's culture. Glad to see these pictures. Thank you @slowwalker

That is some interesting history, it looks like the machine gun was no match for the stone!

Hi @slowwalker The monument is very nice and interesting. But the environmental context is really mortifying! These so different and contrasting palaces in the background! Perhaps the mitigating or shielding measures would make the site much more enjoyable. In Italy there is a law that protects the monuments, their perspective, and their decor ... I do not think there is anything like that in your country either. In Italy the protection of monuments has very strict laws ...

There is a law but not so strict, that' the problem

Wow what a lovely place I would love to visit it one day

very well maintained loved the pics you shared a must visit place.

so great photos, the photography is so real that it seems i am with you, seeing with my own eyes all that fantastic place

an up vote for you, See My Visit to Attock


The exquisite details of history.
So nice to see that it is preserved very well.

Wow still standing after more than 600 years, that's an amazing piece of architecture. Good thing the Japanese didn't destroy it :)

Beautiful! This looks like a great place to go!:) Please check my little journey that I made soon. I hope you enjoy my photos. @nakedchef89


Thank you for your pictures!

It is interesting to watch a city build itself up around something like this
The 1904 photo looks so lovely. I bet it sounded a lot different back then with out all the hussle and bussle of a big city next to it.

Another great set - I'll go check out your other posts to get myself caught up. Been so busy lately haven't been doing the rounds.

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그래도 사진으로 보니 확실히 웅장한 감이 있네요^^
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