A Preposition for Great Human : A Desire for Perfect

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It has passed 2 months since my mom started to draw the Suweon Fortress. It may be more than 2 months that she made up her mind to draw. I posted on my mom’s drawing ago1 month ago
Below is that posting

At that time She was in agony how to draw.

She has been immersed in her painting.

But my mom didn’t satisfy with her works.
All her works looked same to me

One day she took pine tree for close observation. She told me it was difficult to draw the pine tree.

The Suweon fortress seemed to occupy my mom’s mind. My mom has continued to draw till she satisfy with it.

I adore mom’s that mind.

Human being is incomplete existence.
How does the incomplete existence make perfect creature?
Even Though the human being is imperfect, the model of the great human is never giving up the desire for the Perfection.

Anybody could be great. Not only Historical hero but also ordinary people is great when he/she make an effort in daily life.

I am with great human every day.
So I am happy.

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Talented mum!

Good post, Thanks for sharing


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I don't think most people are aware of how much planning and time goes into the making of a work of art.

Your mother has the persistence and patience to get it right, and is not satisfied until she achieves this. That's a very admirable quality, @slowwalker , and you are justifiably proud of what your mom has achieved.

I also love to see people create - it is the one thing that seems to make us truly human.

I collect colourful drawings of primitive man's cave art because it reminds me that no matter how primitive the culture, the beauties of the human soul shines through.

Your mother is a great human being, but I see flashes of that sometimes in you, @slowwalker, so I take the time to encourage you.

An excellent post, my friend!

Be proud of her!

한국화를 그리시는 군요
관찰자의 모습에 애정이 보입니다.

Wow, this is a huge work and dedication. Your mom is very talented and impassioned.

Very good :)

Your Mom is a gifted artist. Meticulous in her work. Beautiful! 🐓🐓

Painting look fantastic . : )

Amazing artwork of comrades. I like painting with the theme of culture and this painter is able to show the painting like in real world.


thank you so much


You are wellcome my friend.. thanks for sharing

우아 진짜 잘그리시네요. -

I was not allowed to leave an answer remain.
@slowwalker Your mother's painting skills are really good.

That's brilliant

Nice painting man.love it

Your mom is just awesome dear @slowwalker ! She got so much talent! Wow i'm really very impressed!
Cheers to her


Thank you

Is your mom a professional painter? That's actually very well made!
Especially admire works of art with a touch of Korean culture!


Of course she is amature


Beautiful. I'd really love if you post more of your mom's works. Cause i'm a huge fan of art.
And i love Korean culture a lot.

Very nice... how long has Your Mom been painting because she does incredible work.

Thank You for sharing @SlowWalker.


more than 30 years

Oh wow. That looks amazing :]

What an amazing mum you have sir. Deserves a round of applause !! :)

to su stvarno dobre slike. velika pohvala za mamu

I love your Mom❤️

Your mum is very talented. Upvoted and resteemed :)

Your mom is truly talented her drawings are beautiful and she is so cute! You are blessed to have her close to you everyday I miss my mom every single day, she was my best friend blessings to you and your sweet smart mom❤️


I am delighted!
This is a real talent!
Now I'll look through all your posts, I liked it!
Your mother is a good painter!

i'd say talented family...

Wow impressive piece of art!

Your mom is really talented @slowwalker. These are the great paintings skills which you mom has shown here. Especially when she didn't use much of the color and all the painting has been made by simple pencils and pointers . A great thumbs up for it .

I would like to draw as well as your mother.

Vow! such a beautiful art, your mom is gifted with such a talent.

What a talented mom you have @slowwalker. I used to draw but not as good as your mom's master piece

It's beautiful, thank you for sharing!

Your Mom has great vision as an artist @slowwalker!!! Awesome work:)

why she is not satisfied ? :o wow first time I see her work and it's rly nice :D tell her to keep drawing rly nice job :)

Very nice painting! That looks very realistic.

This is absolutely stunning!!! I can't wait to have the time again to paint

This is incredible! I have never seen a drawing on this medium before! Congrats to your mother!!

this is so cool, i have always wanted to have a friend that paints

Wow...This mum is really talented. Nice one @slowwalker...you are really talented ma

she's got some talent there :)

wow its absolutely amazing to see. I adore her strength. You are so lucky to get her


Your mother is a nice painter . but I like your thinking about this paint :)

Beautiful paintings! Painting, drawing are some of the best therapies. I like your mother's perseverance in drawing several variants of the same theme. Many famous painters have done so. The change of perspective enhances the meaning of the painting. Pine trees are beautiful by the way! :)

Really nice artwork!

Beautiful work by your mother. And like how you are describing her work is beyond perfect. Keep sharing her work with us.

Wow nice painting.. please post the final panting once your mom completed.. this is what we called it as dedication and passion towards our work

It seems like Artistic talent is in your family :)
Hats off to your mom dedication for such detailed painting. Wondrous , Upvoted it

this is things have a great value

Wow man! Your mother is so talented! I can see now with whom you resemble!

Her talent and creativity is revealed in her maturity of the craft. It's doesnt depict realism, but it captures the spirit of the subject, the Suweon Fortress.
How marvelous she is @slowwalker. Always cherish your mom. :)

Very nice post @slowwalker, awesome painting, thanks for sharing this post to us, very interesting.

Wow, pretty painting. Awesome job. Thanks for sharing

This is super detailed. How long did it took her to finish it?


for a long time, lol.

Your mom's drawing is awesome! And your positive attitude is inspiring!

That's so beautiful. I wish I had so much patience to do something like this. All the best to you and your mom! <3

You are talented. Paint more!

OMG your mom draw that :O That's really amazing friend! What a talent she has and her feelings her sense about nature is in that great artwork!
I am really impressed and wish you will post her next artwork here too.
Thanks for sharing this amazing work with Steem community!



thank you

no one is perfect in everything, but every have their own talented.. and with no doubt ur mom is very tallented..u r so lucky that t had her... 😊

Very good .... congratulations!

I admire your mother, as an artist, i understand what your mother thinks of as an artist. She will not be satisfied, although others are satisfied with his work.

Though we are imperfect but the utmost desire of our soul is to restore what was tainted in our inner most being. Excellent article @slowwalker


thank you

Beautiful artwork. That's really nice!

Nice painting man, love it. @slowwalker

Great artwork ☺️ your mom is a good artist...waiting for the next drawing ☺️👍

She is very talented. Please, tell me, she's studied drawing?


her hobby



your mom is gifted! I can only draw stick people

Really beautiful painting. Just lovely detail!


thank you

Wow, incredible! And beautiful! I admire her for her passion and dedication.

Slowwalker thank you for sharing....my message is simple. Enjoy your mother everyday and thank her for everything (sure you do already). When you lose your Mother you can only look back and remember. You have "now" to appreciate all that she means to you. Thank you.


thank you for your warm word.
I will try as you comment


I only share as I have learned from my own life. My mother quickly from cancer last year. Everyday I think of what she meant to us. Thank you.

That is an amazing drawing, I wish I could draw half as good as her. I hope you continue to share more of her skilled work with us.

@slowwalker nice post thank you for sharing

Is good @slowwalker

A great work of art, for the age of your mother can still produce works that are subtle, detail and amazing. This work desperately requires high concentration, thoroughness and hard work and perseverance. Your mother has that ability. Hopefully he will be given health and strength to produce amazing works. I am waiting for further work through this blog @slowwalker.

Nice art and dedication,hatsoff to mom.

Wow It really unusual to see woman's doing arts.. your mom is such an amazing person..great art work.. I'm impressed

i can say:

@slowwalker your painting looks amazing and has thus earned you an upvote and a good follow. Keep up the good job and more success

Wow your mom is amazing as you. The fact you notice doesn't value any less. We aim for perfection indeed but when we are humble enough and bow at the perfectible we gain awareness. I hope she will go on as she's inspired ( possessed by God in Greek I believe)

Nice painting. Your mom has amazing skills


Very nice drawing. She is a nice artist.

Upvoted but seriously... Your mom deserves BIGGER upvotes!

You are a good person. on more scores than one

beautiful piece of art!

Maybe with our imperfection we are all perfect. We strive for perfection and it is good so, else we can't evolve, but we must see where perfection lies:

Here is a quote from a book I've read:
"In ancient India, a group of young monks were watching their
master prepare chappatis (pancakes). He would pour a ladle
full of batter out and watch it spread across the surface of the
hot griddle and form an odd round shape. As the pancake
assumed its final form, he would smile and say, "Perfect."
The students were puzzled. Each of the pancakes was a
different shape, some of them were burned around the edges,
and none were perfectly round. Finally, one of the students
asked the master, "Master, how can these pancakes be perfect?
Pancakes are supposed to be round and they are not supposed
to be burned."
The master lifted the last pancake off the griddle and put
it on his young disciple's plate. It was shaped somewhat like
a gourd. "Perfect," he repeated."

Thick Face, Black Heart: The Warrior Philosophy for Conquering the Challenges of Business and Life by Chin-Ning Chu - VI. Understanding the Nature of Illusion and Reality

A desire that drives so many artists. Beautiful work

Good luck..!

i love painting, wow its beautifull icant said anything

Looks amazing @slowwalker, like it's from a video game!

Amazing paints! It's even more because it comes from an old mama's hand. She's been an inspiration for me since you introduced her to this Steemit family. :)

Wow she is such an amazing artist.. great art work

How beautiful, congratulations to your mother

Nice posts @slowwarker thank you for sharing

Is there a word to describe the beauty in these pictures? I don't know. Perhaps mesmerizing? Please take care of your mom man... :)

Well said sir! @slowwalker. None of us are perfect. But that is the beauty of being human, isn't it?!
The variety and imperfect makes us what we are. These traits impart upon us our individuality. Remember, horses come in all shapes and sizes but donkeys are all similar.
And just to add on, some humans are born talented. They are God gifted, but ordinary people can also achieve greatness with their sheer grit and determination. You don't need the good fortunes of a great gene pool. I feel your mother is one of those beautiful hardworking perfectionists. Peace