Racism Beyond White People: The Influence of Geography

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Image: Pixabay

I think racism is not necessarily higher in any race, but it's relative to the geography. For example, white people would face more discrimination in India because the majority of people in India are of Indian descent.

On the other hand, Indians would face more discrimination in a white-majority country like America, while East Asians (for instance) would face more discrimination in Africa. This would be because, in both cases, they are the ethnic minority in those regions.

But What if a Country Doesn't Have Much Racial Diversity?

Could racial homogeny make a difference? For example, India is more homogeneous ethnically, I think, because it's mostly people of Indian descent. White, black, East Asian, Arab, and other ethnicities are not really seen or the heritage is not really celebrated. Hence, this could result in more racism?

Racial Heterogeny = Less Racism?

A country like America, on the other hand, is a melting pot: it has more racial diversity. Hence, I contend, there would be comparatively less racism.

But those are just my thoughts. What do you think?

Note: This article does not condone racism, but seeks to understand it.

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This is an interesting idea. I never thought of this but I find it interesting. Is the context of racism relative to geography...hmm?
You have given me something to think about further.

Nice post. Thanks for sharing.


Glad you found it interesting. Yeah, I just thought about it today and realised that different races face discrimination in different parts of the world. And who faces discrimination kinda seemed to depend on the distribution of the population - the minority race, I felt, was more likely to be discriminated in any particular place.


yeah its a good thought. Makes sense for sure

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