Can anyone become a geniuses!

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Today I will be with you with another article about the flourishing of genius. This time, I want to address a controversial and different subject in the context of the genius flourishing; an issue that can clarify the task of everything and reveal any questions to you. A simple question that has always been covered with ambiguity. And it has created a lot of problems for us and our community. Come with me to come up with a different but effective answer to this seemingly simple question:

What is the genius?

The ingenuity means that we can be able to work in areas that nobody is able to do it well. Or there are fewer people who can do it. It is no different in what field or area. Perhaps you are able to sign the best business deals in your area of work, perhaps you can identify the most suitable homes as a real estate consultant to your customers, perhaps you can make an excellent relationship between yourself and your children as a mother, and maybe..... As I mentioned, genius has not a constraint. We do not want to become Edison or Einstein. There are many areas in life that we can become the hero of each of them that we can play an important role in society. We can achieve our dream of being a genius by improving our own abilities that we can do well. It depends entirely on our personality, abilities, and strengths.


Why do we define genius in this way?

What is our goal of genius flourish? We all want more happiness and a better life. We want to be happy more than now. Even goals such as social pride, greater wealth, guarantees for the future, popularity and acceptance, all of them, are to achieve more happiness. So, if we have the wrong definition of genius, or if we fail to answer the question of what "genius is", We have deprived ourselves of more pleasures and happiness. If you want to achieve a better life, if you are looking for social value for yourself or your child, if you want to get into the genius that makes you rich, you do not need to go far away, You do not need to put yourself in trouble. The destination is much closer to you from what you expect. If the percentage of flourishing among us is so low, it could be due to we are moving away from the true meaning of genius. That is the reason I have shared this article with you. Genius is not unique to any culture and race. So you can be a genius.

In my opinion, all Steemians are geniuses because everyone in every field they love is growing and flourishing.

Thanks to the Steemit that provided this environment

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