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Africa is a wide continent with different lifestyles ranging from; rich cultural diversity, ethics, modes of dressing and Languages.

I would like to take you on a trip to a uniquely beautiful part of Africa, NIGERIA whom the world calls The Giants of Africa.

Here is a picture I took of the Northerners of Nigeria.

My humble self at the Event.

Here is a Cultural Dance video i covered at the event.

The get together held in Bwari, FCT, Abuja, Nigeria was organized to promote Love, Peace and Unity in the community.
It's message was for the Community to embrace themselves in love and unity for the peace of the nation because, without Peace there won't be development in the Community.

The first three men in the video are Farmers, with their cultivating hoes which depicts their working tools, and representing the other farmers in the Community.

They danced and dramatized how they carry out their farming work with their tools, then they take a rest.
The two women are their wives, brought them food, they took it individually and ate.
Thereafter, their wives began harvesting the Farm Produce and dancing too.

In a flip, there came the Cattle rearers who are now been referred as Herdsmen dancing with their Cattle Stick across their necks.

While they were dancing their wives and the daughter come along with some Amazing dancing steps with a calabash of *NUNU-which is fresh Cows milk on their head.

All of a sudden, one of the Farmers who is unmarried, began admiring the daughter of the Herdsman by tapping on his colleagues shoulders and started moving closer the he keep dancing while the rest of the farmer stood there and watch him for awhile until his fellow man until his fellow man went and bring him back to the it position.

The herdsman who happened to be his wife,daughter and son,keep dancing sarcastically, the pattern of their dance is in accordance to their hobbies, after awhile they take a rest while the wive and the daughter serves them a very rich quantity of cow milk to ease their body from the stress,along the line a man came and give them money which is Africa way of appreciating cultural entertain.

At that process, the farmer who has been admiring the daughter of the herdsman choose to create an avenue of relationship between him and the father of the daughter so he do by serving them some food that they have left,in which the herdsman deed appreciate and they gladly ate it,at that same process an elderly man came in to give them some money again, not withstanding the father of the daughter call her daughter to serves the farmer some rich cow milk at the process of bringing it to them the farmer who has been admiring her hastily drag the calabash with his other people and collect the cow milk and drank it dramatically,leave the remaining one for his fellow men because that's not actually what he wanted,suddenly he engaged in romantic dance with her he hold her hands they both dance sarcastically after awhile the lady run home back to her parents and the farmer and the herdsman later got into conversation concerning the girl, he started expressing his feeling and motive of getting marry to her and suddenly a brother to the herdsman came in anger on the basis that he doesn't want the farmers tribe to marry their daughter but unfortunately the father of the daughter disagreed that's what lead to their dramatical fight which lead to the involvement of the farmers to separate them and chase him away...
This dramatical dance interpreted that irrespective of your tribe we are all one because somewhere somehow we will find each other to bill and coo to become one family.

With that the act of intruder should be put to an end because the world is bigger place for is to stay that's why the biggest weapon is to stay peaceful.

Thanks for reading.

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Wow, this is amazing.
A wonderful initiative.
I'm glad measures are taken to promote peace in Our Community.
Weldon Bro.


Mama ni yen thank you so much.


You are welcome Bro.

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