Live music guitar duo after beach party in Andalusia costa tropical

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The last weeks were quite challenging. Playing in the hottest month off the year. Also the most busiest time of the year.
Everywhere tourists, who wander around looking at glass shop windows.
What to buy next? Or what to eat. Fortunately there are always some kind people around.

Especially when you're playing an classical guitar, the chances are high that one get invited to play at private parties. This year it took a while from busking in the morning, with some days completely ignored and thus little money. Till playing at the camping, hotels. And now an old organizer for the cultural center asked for my contact to pass through to the cultural center.
That was an welcome interaction. Then we were asked by Mark from Denmark to play for him and his family in an beachfront restaurant. Last Saturday we were there. First an great meal, I dreamed ages about an good bloody steak.
I'm sorry if I offended some people here, I've been an vegan for years but yeah.
So the steak with pepper sauce tasted delicious. After eating and drinking Alhambra green beer. We performed for Mark's family and some 75 other people at the restaurant. It was well received, a bit of a surprise because we played quit jazzy bossa own material stuff. Which not everyone likes. And some of the music we just wrote a day before. And didn't really rehearsed it. To keep it more fun and interesting.

Around 00.30 am we arrived at the beach bar closed to the sleeping place. I remembered I talked before with the owner and mentioned to play there.
I actually wanted to go to bed, but there were so many dancing people who asked play play. Then Gusto the owner, said play I pay you guys.
Of course we ended up playing there, we played again own chilling music. What was quite a difference with the dj previous music.
I think they liked it, but really wanted to dance fast.
Probably after half an hour we stopped and everyone could dance. I even had a dance. On some crazy fast electronic music. One could say; an elevating weekend. Grateful to life. And let the change be there, so I can support my family who is momentarily in the Czech Republic and would love to reunite here in Spain again. Here some short impressions of the spontaneous synchronized weekend.

Just found out that most of the coverage don't work or bad quality. Here a short video of the end of the party.
The picture is from when I drove to the coast. I got inspired when I saw a cyclist with one leg. Everything is possible if you really go for it. Respect, willpower humbleness.

Thanks and enjoy.



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