Lunch, markets, temples and streetfood in Bangkok

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Yesterday, @kaminchan took us to the Chinatown. We apent the whole day there, and saw many temples and a lot of food. We also ate a lot. In Finland we would never eat that much.

People were busy preparing for the festival night of the full moon. It's an annual celebration that consists of eating, praying, and setting little boats made of banana leaves with candles and incense sticks on fire afloat in to the river.




A very popular eatery in the Chinatown.


A shop where we bought chinese pork shred. It is good for you, can be added as a condiment to everything and lasts for years.


Bought a cap as it was so bright and sunny.


Market street




Eating lunch.


Visiting a Chinese temple.



...and another one...










Our banana leaf boats. When we were setting them afloat later, Leo accidentally set his one on fire instead.


The old shrine may be falling apart but has magnificient artwork in its details. One wonders if they will ever renovate it instead of building new buildings all around it.


Inside the monastery.




After we had set our boats on fire afloat, we had a little adventure as it was getting so crowded and the traffic halted completely.

First we went to shoot the moon with our cameras and ate some silkworms. They weren't bad. (I'm actually having them now, for breakfast.)

After the silkworms, we took the train towards our hotel in another part of the city, but ended up missing a stop and had to pay extra for the ticket. Otherwise we could not have left the station as the ticket is needed for both entering the pier, and exiting it. Eventually we grabbed a cab to the hotel.

After getting back we left our backpacks at the hotel, (as requested by our guide,) and ate dinner.


I think we all need a foot massage this evening!
Well, I hope today we will walk much less!

This is amazing. I was there last year, 7th November! But I visited during night time 🙂 if you happen to go there again, be sure to grab a pack of meat floss nuggets.

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Not sure what it is, but sounds like we bought somewhat similar item. It wasn't nuggets though, it's more like strands of pork meat that melt in the mouth.

Yes! That's the one 🙂

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Wow Jaro friend. The photos are great. I assume that your son has really enjoyed that trip, but do not subject him to another Wasabi challenge

No worries, I think he won't be taking that much wasabi on his plate anytime soon. ;)

Wow a lot of photography of your experience! Thank you for sharing and seems those are unforgettable!


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really i have enjoyed to see your food photo.

Looks too hot out there

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