STEEM Park in Seoul Forest !

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한글 포스팅 클릭!

Welcome back to the 9 th installment of Lost in Translation! I typically try to introduce new KR users and their posts but this weeks' is a unique occasion as something awesome has been brewing on the Korean peninsula – the next iteration of STEEM Park!!

I'll be translating, contextualizing, and presenting a large portion of @roychoi's original post here on the current goals and status of the project. A fairly large and diverse team is working hard to install the next impactful Steemit-driven project in Seoul's renowned park – Seoul Forest – and @roychoi has asked me to reach out to more of the international community to raise awareness and muster support.

As always with Lost in Translation posts, I'll be contributing all SBD made from these posts to the featured author(s). Let's dive in!

Banding Together

First of all, what the goal of the project is. With the approval of the Seoul Forest organization, the KR community is trying to build up to a series of installations and Steemit-promoting activities that both benefit the local area as well as provide for a Steemian destination. To get things started, the team has decided on a mural to be displayed on a prominent park wall that hasn't been updated in decades.

A preliminary mockup has been made and it opens the doors for all of us to be a part of it. As you can see in the drawing, a whale silhouette is filled with mini-versions of minnows and dolphins. The idea is that with your contribution, you'll be able to display your account name amongst other participants. Most of the fee will help the local artist with a great new collaborative piece.

The flat contribution to have your own personalized part is 50 SBD. Any contribution at this price and up will get a customized fabricated whale/minnow/dolphin sculpture! They engrave your Steem ID on the wooden blocks ;)

You have an opportunity to get a personalized Steem tag to be installed at Seoul Forest!

Currently,the project has about 276.42 SBD funded out of a 4100 SBD goal. The goal date is nebulous at this point but the sooner the funds are raised, the sooner we'll have our first public Steemit mural!

Steeming Forward

I'll be sure to bring updates and report on various activities as the project moves forward. In the meanwhile, check out their promotional material and some of the previous posts on @successtrainer & @roychoi's blogs and on the team members' - @tata1 , @manizu , @inhigh , @leesongyi , @goodam , @carrotcake , @kth6689 , @romi, @sweeti , @sunshineyaya7 , @sweeti, @sunshineyaya7

올해 한국 방문 때 서울숲의 스팀 파크 인스톨레이션을 보길 기대합니다. 아티스트와 커뮤니티를 서포트하는 멋진 프로젝트 응원합니다! 이 포스팅 SBD 펀딩금으로 보내드리겠습니다.

All Images and video created by the STEEM Park KR Team and posted with their blessings

Steem on!

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PS. I am also lead and involved in Seoul Steem Park project with roychoi :)
@sweeti , @sunshineyaya7 are also involved in and support my project.
So If you can, could you our name mention in this post?


Absolutely! Sorry I didn't realize I only copied part of the team. Please let me know if you want any other information posted @successtrainer님~


We appreciate that you accepted our requesting~!!!

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Great news for Steemit community! Good luck you guys.


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I am very proud to be part of the team. Thank you @hansikhouse for inspiring us all 😀


I'm inspired by the KR community! Thank you @carrotcake~

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First I'd like to say awesome project!
Secondly, thank you so much for working on translating some of the Korean posts. I'm trying to learn the Korean language, and it helps to have a bridge between the gap, otherwise it's hard for me to understand the context of what is being posted.

I would like to piggyback on this post in a way to ask a question though, I have been trying to skim through kr-tagged posts on and I notice a trend: Korean users seem to never upvote other users' comments. Most english posts have fair amounts of comment upvotes on the popular comments, but the Korean posts that I see have nearly none. Many of them are all 0.00 even though a post might have fifteen to twenty lengthy comments. Is it some sort of matter of politeness or faux pas to upvote comments in the Korean community? Maybe I'm imagining things, but it'd be nice to know. Thanks!


Thank you @ashley-ghastley! If others can enjoy these translations/contextualizations, I'm proud to be doing them. It's also great that you're using your Steemit account to log your journey learning Korean.

I'm not 100% sure on what specific posts you're referring to, as I've seen many instances where people do upvote comments. Still overall, most KR members try to be more precise with their votes/downvotes. Because the community more tight-knit with more regular interactions with their audiences, upvoting comments can also be seen as giving too much preference and usually reserved for supporting substantial whole posts.

Hope that answers your question a bit.

As you know, I envied [STEEM PARK in NY] because it looked so cool.
I'm looking forward to the [STEEM Park Korea].


We are too! And hopefully we can all meet soon in Korea =)

Sounds like an amazing project. I hope you achieve your goal.

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great project, which account do we send donations to?

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nice post....I am a new steemians, maybe i should study first with you, regards know me please follow me
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that's really awesome. This is a sustainable thing that people should keep doing!! :-)

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