Can I come back?

in #ctp9 months ago (edited)

I'm back. I had been away because... really? Does anyone want to know? What if I sound like making up excuses? Aren't excuses pointless? Nevermind.

I went to read my previous posts, just in case. There were only 3, thankfully.
And I was 23. Now I'm 25.
What happened in these two years? Not much, just a pandemic.
I used to stay home way before it was cool.
I'm literally the textbook example of an introvert.
However, there's one quote that sums up what really happened to me and that is:
"we don't appreciate what we have until it's gone".
I bet it's been the same for other people like me but really, I've never been so eager to leave home as much as during the national lock-down.
Then some secret thing led me to meet a person that motivated me to get out of my comfort zone (literally, the zone was my bed) and I've started a course. I won't share details about this course for superstitious reasons but I might tell more about it another time.

What made me get back to this platform was cleaning up my email folders. I simply read old emails and thought of saying hello, I'm still here and thinking of you!

I feel like this post is too long already and I didn't say anything important except I'm back, but I guess it's how these posts are supposed to be.
Well, I'll make up a piece of advice right at the very end and call it a day.

From time to time, take a look at the past.
The past never changes but your perspective does, and the two combined can teach you something new each time. Getting back to old hobbies can also be enlightening for a similar reason.

I wish I was constant enough to own a journal. It looks like I have to rely on posts I leave on the internet. Better than nothing, I suppose.

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