My Journey in CTP and CTPtalk - Day 31

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I am starting out very early today, 3 am my time. Hard to sleep with so much going on and so many activities to take care of.

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Badge Hunt/ Badge Collector Progress at CTP

I am aiming to get past the hobbyist rank at CTP badge collector progress bar. I am still a long way away from finding out the next rank, but progress seems to be coming along. I leveled to Silver Hobbyist Level 15. I am really curious to find out what comes next in rank. I have to grind the badges everyday and will find out soon.

Purchased some Steem through Blocktrades

I wanted to try out Blocktrades to see how the exchange works when buying steem. The process to buy steem through blocktrades is pretty simple, Setup an account with an email and verify the email, then choose the crypto you want to exchange and wait for the depot to arrive and the crypto exchange takes place. I got my Steem to my steem wallet and now I am trying to learn how to best make use of the steem I bought.

Staked some Steem

From the Steem I purchased, mentioned above, I only staked a small amount of it. I am debating whether to buy more CTP tokens or Stake the Steem. Still confused and if anyone has some suggestions on what I should do please post below.

Staked CTP tokens

I continue to build up my CTP token stake. I staked approximately 261 more CTP tokens yesterday. My CTP power is now at 1512 Staked Tokens. My goal is to get to 3,000 Staked CTP tokens. I will then decide what to do next once I reach this goal.

A small update for today.

Till the next update, thanks to all my supporters/followers. Hope all is going well with you all.

Have a great day/ night.

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Nice journal @reefe.

Regarding staking of STEEM or tokens... That's a hard decision every time... Before tokens and tribes, I was staking all my STEEM and it was an easy choice because there was no other... :)

But today, I'm mostly staking tokens, leaving only my automatic rewards to be staked in Steem... If you believe in some token (tribe) and you are actually USE it, then there are no doubts where to invest... ;) I have written lately post regarding this stuff... Check it out here (shameless promotion :) )

But, that's just my 2c about that and I'm very bad investing :)

I Just read your post on this topic. I like your ideas/thoughts you have made. I think I will probably just stake some steem, 25 Steem, for now. I will then use the balance to buy some more CTP tokens. Will sleep on it for a day or two and then take the action I mentioned. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.

Keep up the great work and the updates :)


"My goal is to get to 3,000 Staked CTP tokens."

Why? Is that a special threshold? Except for CTP tokens and STEEM, what other tokens/coins do you think are worth buying/staking?

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It's a great motivator to journal your experience daily. As to Steem, I only stake my rewards and concentrating on building up my tokens in 3 areas. I am currently staking 100% of CTP token but holding a little LEO and will start acquiring SPI. I am selling all other tribe tokens that I get at the moment. Normally it is a good idea to diversify but for the most part there is no value in my holding many of the tribes unless it is an area of interest to me.

Hmmm... Back in 2011, someone (with a lot more money than I ever have had) told me about bitcoin. Said it was the "fare of the future".

But it was a total unknown and $$ was tight, so I didn't get any...