We. Can. Actually. Use. This. Stuff!

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What a week!

In the span of around 36-48 hours, the Steem blockchain went through two hardforks! That's right, while all the hype and hoopla was surrounding Hardfork 21, we actually had another fork immediately after because of some issues with delegation.

So here we are....Hardfork 22!

Who said this blockchain stuff wasn't exciting huh?

I truly believe that this is the best blockchain online! It's got the people, it's got the development and it's gots a boat load of applications to keep us busy :)

Something came across my Twitter feed that summed up my belief in Steem in a few short sentences...


This tweet courtesy of @JustineH described why I have spent almost 2 years of my life learning everything I could about Steem...


We can actually USE this stuff!

And there is no better teacher than experience. The act of rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty.

According to Dale's Cone of Experience, we retain retain 70-90% of what we actually do! Not what we read...Not what we watch! But what we roll up our sleeves and actually do...

Do you know how important that is for crypto adoption?

Over the past 5 weeks, I've been dedicated to teaching and training new Steemians about this blockchain but more importantly...Actually getting them to roll up their sleeves and USE it!

That's why I have invested heavily into the CTPtalk.com condenser as well as all the tokens associated with it. This is a blockchain that everyday people will understand a lot more than downloading MetaMask, figuring out wallet addresses or even begin to understand who Satoshi Nakamoto is...To be honest, people don't care....They just wanna USE this stuff!

And in my case, it's a perfect fit. As an affiliate marketing trainer, my mission is to take members from the basics of traffic generation, lead them into analytics, break down email marketing...And near the end of their introductory lessons...Learn about content creation!

That's where Steem comes in and our Tribe here on the blockchain :)

It's the perfect fit...But more importantly it gives people something that may seem EXTREMELY confusing, and shows them how they can use the technology each and every day in their business and life.

Because...This is the power of Steem and why it's the perfect introduction the general public can have when it comes to cryptocurrency!

The every day person doesn't care about the technology, just like the average person doesn't care about how a TV works...They know that if they press a button, things start lighting up in front of their eyes. How that happens...Plays very little on their decision to actually use a television.

This is where blockchains needs to go!

And Steem can very well lead the charge. Because the majority of who we want to attract here, don't care about HOW this stuff works...They just wanna know it WILL work!

I'm excited about the direction Steem is headed. And while some will complain about the price, the ninja mining, the interesting history of this chain...As an entrepreneur all I see is potential, opportunity and promise!

Welcome to #NewSteem , buckle up because it's about to get a lot more exciting here soon!


The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

=> CTP Condenser - https://www.CTPtalk.com

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine - https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=CTP

=> CTP Miner on Steem-Engine - https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=CTPM

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what the fork?
does not mean much at the moment.
but it sounds like moving forward, and i am in favor of forward moving.
as a blockchain, governments are on the outside, another plus.
sounds like a great time to leap in

Absolutely. Best time is right now! This is the blockchain of opportunity!

I am trying to keep up with the lessons. The fact that I can watch the video instructions more than once helps me retain the info. But I was still hesitant about placing my 1st stake. After watching your training video on the subject 3 times did I get the nerve to actually place my first stake. Whew...wasn't as painful and scary as I thought. Didn't mess anything up as far as I know. So glad I can go back and watch the training module as many times as it takes for the info to sink in. But now that I actually put my hands on the "stake" button and completed it, I can explain it to someone else!

Ha ha that's awesome to hear :)

Yeah for sure...The staking is pretty straight forward once you understand what it all means. Take your time. Poke around and yes...Watch the videos a few times.

And of course, drop me a line if you have any questions at all.

Dear Jon, to be honest with you, I am a bit lost with all this since the HF21 and HF22 everything that was working correctly in my point of view as a newbie here, is not working as it was before. But as you seem to know that is for a good, I will be patient and I will follow you guidance in this jungle...

Everything should be back to normal now. I'll poke around but things seem like they should be.

What is it that's an issue for ya?

One of the great ones that I have spent on steem is that this project arrived, every day I learn more about online markenting all related to them. By making my post I share my knowledge, I receive your knowledge...

Thanks for adding value to my journey by engaging with me here. Appreciate it!

Application, practicality, like you said, like the real iJustine said, is everything.

it’s amazing how more blockchain ‘experts’ and investors don’t see what is happening here

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Maybe in the next few years they will.

I've been convinced since like day 2. Rolling up your sleeves and just doing is so important. Short of losing your keys, you cannot break steemit or ctp talk.
Show up and do something every day. You will make it.


No secrets...Literally, show up every day and add some value :)

@jongolson As I have always been saying , every day is a step up the learning curve. So much to learn and absorb. Just trying to soak in each and every drop of all this slowly but steadily.

Thats a great plan...Slowly, growing every day! Little by little.

Look at the stats from Splinterlands to see really how much it is used! Definitely great opportunities to build upon!

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LOL I saw the updates about that...And it made me go spend 60 steem on some packs LOL Only rare cards though, I might have 3 golds total...

I cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeve next. Getting excited just wondering about it.

Oh it's going to b a ton of fun...Crossing fingers that we can pull it off.

Its indeed motivation to read man, allso VERY interesting, I keep try following this stuff.. and getting there step by step now. Keep on going!! This is interesting exciting fun...and a little "Scary" not so much "Scary" but I guess it can be for some...till we all learn! Success

Yessir! Yeah soak it all up...It took me a good 6 months before I had a firm grasp on it all...But it's worth the investment here...Both on the crypto side and the community side.

Ease of use is really important to onboard the masses, CTP is doing a really great job with that, and it has me very excited.

And if you want to build something great you have to countinuously keep building one step at a time.

It's like the old saying, how do you eat an elephant, it's one peice at a time, slow and steady but persistently.

Stay Awesome!

Absolutely....This is a long term goal for us...Being here for years and years...And we're only one month in :)


I need to continually read your posts so I'll always be motivated! Your enthusiasm is contagious! And I like that ^_^ I'm doing my best to learn as much as I can in everything.

appreciate that :) you are doing a great job. keep crushing it.

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