It Took About A Year, But I'm All In On Brave!

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It Took About A Year, But I'm All In On Brave!.png

Fun little 'Jongo' story...

About 15 years ago I had two computers...My beloved ACER that I did all my work on, and then an iMAC that I bought because all my 'creative' friends told me I would need one down the road...

For a few years, both computers sat on my desk...I would turn on the iMAC from time to time, but it was so new and foreign to me...I was a PC guy because I was comfortable in that environment.

One day, the ACER stopped working. Literally, everything stopped working...So I had to turn to the iMAC and learn all about...Apple!

15 years later (sorry to say PC enthusiasts) I haven't looked back...

The exact same thing happened this week with my 'browser of choice'...

I've been rotating between Firefox and Chrome now for as long as I can remember. And went exclusively to Chrome a few years back. I just haven't looked anywhere else for my browser needs...But along comes my crypto obsession and this thing called 'Brave Browser' shows up about a year or so ago...

(Note: that link above to Brave is an affiliate link...)

Along with it, this cRaZy cryptocurrency called 'Basic Attention Token or BAT'....And in true Jongo fashion....I did nothing with it for over a year. It sat, downloaded on my desktop...Never opened!

That all changed this week as I decided it was time to see what all the fuss was about and made the head first dive into the world of Brave...

I brought my bookmarks over, downloaded Steem Keychain and a few other extensions, and funded my wallet so I could start using Brave in my day to day activities....

And after about 48 hours...I'm very impressed!

Few things I've noticed since I've made the switch....

Jon Olson “I ♥️ STEEM   ”   Jon_G_Olson    Twitter.png

This. Is. AWESOME.....!

And how the heck don't we have something like this on Steem yet???

But anyways, I started trying to use BAT to 'tip' fellow Steemians on Twitter.....Big shout out to @PixiePost and @cadawg for getting back in touch with me so I could tip them...Which was very easy to do btw!

And then before I know it, @Torrey.Blog hits me up on Twitter and let's me know he's tipped me too...WOW!

I believe that content creators should be rewarded for their efforts and BAT tips on Twitter is just an amazing feature of this browser.

Oh Yeah....We're Verified ;)


Not only am I working on getting all my Twitter accounts verified and other social media channels...We have verified the domain and are working on getting verified as well...

And the best thing is....

Anyone can do this! PLUS get your own social media accounts verified as well even if you don't have your own domain name...Urgh I love this stuff!!!

To me, this is what the future will hold for all content creators and crypto enthusiasts...The power to reward EACH OTHER!

This is what is so awesome about Steem and I can see how powerful it is becoming on a platform like the Brave Browser and BAT.

My only gripe is the 12 minutes it took me to send Ethereum to my wallet...12 minutes???

Did I mention this is something we should have on Steem.....? lol

Anyways, I'm on cloud 9....But what about you? Have you tried Brave? Used BAT or sent it as tips?

Or better yet...Let me know you are on Twitter so I can tip you with BAT ;)

I would love to hear your experience with this new browser and crypto currency (with ACTUAL use case lol)


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Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

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Will have to try after work. That was fun.

Got it install on my linux. Will try it the weekend. Off to work I go.


LOL Man, that looks complicated lol

Well all I can say is after earlier today and you chatting about the Brave browser in the most recent live CTP and you supplying me with the CTP link to Brave I took the plunge. Like yourself it is something I have kept looking at but didn't partake. Now I have I have been pleasantly surprised and not disappointed it is a good browser that has nice configuration options and is another way to further embrace the new crypto way of the world. So I will use it exclusively on one of my 4 puters for the time being and see what it's full potential is. And yes I added my personal website, Youtube channel and one Twitter acct I will play with it some more to see if more Twitter accts can be added but I will complete the verifying a few other social sites first and have more of a play. So far very happy with the recommendation you made to start embracing it.

Awesome to hear man....And sent a tip your way too :)

Good to see you diving in more to this stuff man, knew you'd get hooked once you did!

I'm glad that you have finally made a switch :)

I have a similar experience with OS... I have used Windows until the point when I was hacked... Switched to Linux, and never looked back :)

BTW. I have totally forgot to verify my Twitter account, so I have done it now... 24-48 hours to wait until they "change the status"...

Thanks for a reminder.. ;)

Yeah I tipped you....Let me know when you get it :)

got 0.45BAT, but it doesn't write from who? :) I suppose that's from you


Just installed and taking the test-drive! the first thought was...this thing is fast! lol So far so good :)

Right? No drag and lag to be seen!!

Well, I downloaded the Brave browser a couple of weeks ago, but - like you - it's just sat there and I'm carrying on using Chrome… time to get on it! I had no idea about the Twitter thing or verification but I guess it opens a whole world of possibilities. Btw, I'm also @adambarratt on Twitter!

Nice! Yeah man, literally the app just sat here for months...Glad I finally dove in :) Tip heading your way!

I have switched already over 4 of 5 months ago.

Assuming you are liking it so far?

Not so bad, but not everything works properly under Brave and keep Chrome for only that purpose.

I just downloaded this browser today like it so far

Awesome man, get that Twitter account verified too so I can tip ya ;)

doing that now :)

I'm glad you are using the Brave browser, Jon. As you know, I've been using this one for 4 months now. Still got Firefox and Chrome browsers up as, like Randy, at times I need to have a website open on 2 fronts, so to speak.

I use Brave browser primarily for social media as that browser does have issues with some websites that I use every day, and @chesatoshi has also commented on that. Brave uses Chrome and also uses Mozilla Public Licence. A merger of Chrome and Firefox, perhaps?

As Erik @flaxz has stated in the past, I need to learn how to use that browser's settings properly; just a lazy learning curve for me! Now that we have the official version 1.0, I'm hoping the issues I had under the Beta version will be resolved.

I'm now verified on Twitter. Next BAT droppings to be guanoed December 5.

Well done @jongolson, and as you said this functionality should be on Steem, it does not take 12 minutes to transfer, just 3 seconds and no fee's, and nice that they have an affiliate program too, so I am not sure if I can verify from a mobile device or not, will check if that is possible, I did link it to the Brave that was installed on my laptop while that was still working, and then linked it onwards to my tablet from my phone, but the Brave rewards on mobile seems a bit incomplete, let's see, keep up your great work and go for the tip, it's awesome.

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I am here, I am in, Brave!


I heard about this Brave browser but I haven't used or tried it. Perhaps, I should look and check it out. :)

I have been using Brave off and on for a couple of years. It is my primary, but I still use chrome for when I want to be logged in as two different users across a single website.

I like Brave but I am unsure how to get my sites verified, any hints would be a great bonus, its probably something really simple, but has whooshed past my noggin