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If you are New or Old to CTP or TE's in General you know that you should fill in your Downline Builder (DLB) as soon as you can. But Many of us put it off and forget all about it and don't Blink and Eye about it again, Until someone like me Comes along and says something lol.

Well Have you filled in all your DLB's I bet you haven't and if you have that is Awesome. But Even I forget about them and have to go back and check to see if I have. Sometimes I just Check to see if sites have Taken some out or Replaced some sites that are no Longer around.

Now as I am writing this Great Piece of Powerful Knowledge, I started to think have I filled in all the DLB's in CTP Top Sites and come to find out that I was missing info in mine. Now why am I telling you this you ask. Because you Could be Losing out on Referrals and the Possibility of Making a Commission on those Referrals. Yes if you don't have them Filled in where does the Referral Go? It Goes to your Up-line and you lose out.

Make sure you go and fill in all the DLB's you are a Part of so you don't make a mistake and lose those Commissions.
Here are a few Tips you can do to make it Easier for you.

Make a List of all Sites you are a Member of with your Referral Numbers , this way you can Post it on the wall next to your Desk when you need to find them.
Keep a Back up of your list on your Desk top so that you can Updated it Monthly.
Double Check all your TE's or Mailers you use and make sure they are all up to day.

Yes this will take up some Time but could also make you have a few more Referrals in the Process too which could lead to more Commissions too.

If you have any Tips please Feel Free to Share.

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That is really great advice @greensempire, thanks for sharing.

Thanks Erik, Glad you enjoyed the advice. Hope you take the info and apply it to your needs.


"If you are New or Old to CTP or TE's in General you know that you should fill in your Downline Builder (DLB) as soon as you can."

Yeah but ughhhh...SUCH DRUDGERY. :)

Very True filling in the DLB should be one of the first things we fill out.

I not good at this. but I figure why if i have not get anyone under me anyways. or very few but I think that was wrong thinking

you will get better as time goes on. stay focused and anything can happen.

except for what people post it really hard to see things on here .

thanks for the reminder Aaron. yes, I too have a lot of sites that I need to check out the downline builder. btw, I tend to join all the sites in the DB page that I'm not a member of, especially sites I use regularly. tip1: BEFORE you promote a site, ensure you have completed the DB. tip2: keep a spreadsheet of all sites you join, and update every time you join a new site. in mine, I even have the best banner and splash links so I can quickly add these to new sites. tip3: join a TE that lets you have 10+ sites in the pages that you can add your promos into and bookmark that site as primary, then whenever you join a new site, open that primary site and copy and paste.

Ian Thanks for the Feedback. Great tips are awesome if you take Action. Many People don't take Action and get it done at the Beginning Like filling in the DLB and then wonder why they don't get as many referrals, or commissions as others do.

There are 2 programs that I use that are a real help in filling downlines. Sunny Suggs has a program called "All of My Links" where you can store all that information in one place for easy access. The other one is "TE Command Post" that will store hundreds of TE's as well as being a downline builder itself. If you would like links for either of these just let me know and I will be happy to get you my referral links. I don't believe in spamming posts.

Thanks Steven I like TECommand Post Myself makes sense to use the Tools we have Handy. Have a Blessed Day.

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Thanks for sharing that great advice @greensempire, it is indeed very important to fill in that right away or it will never be done, stay awesome.

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