Looking Back At My Loss - Cryptsy Exchange

in cryptsy •  2 years ago

With the latest news on Bittrex exchange noticing a big Unobtanium wallet that was transferred from Cryptsy exchange, posted by Cryptocoinsnews.com. Makes you wonder if victims will ever recover their funds from the crypsty exchange or from the class action lawsuit in Florida. Lucky enough, people who did lose their funds can now put a claim to get it back, just go to cryptsysettlement.com.

I'm definitely filing a claim, now looking back at my loss from that site it was a big loss for me. I was new at trading cryptos, but followed all the rules like not keeping all your funds on an exchange. I was not able to withdraw my Dash after making a trade, then after 24 hours of not receiving my funds the chat box blew up with hundreds of complaints from other customers.

I took a screen shot of my funds, as proof before the site closed. I lost around 90 dash coins, yeah... Checking out the current price of dash it makes you laugh, but thankfully with the class action lawsuit, things may turn around for the good.

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I'm sorry you lost money on Cryptsy. It really stinks. I was fortunate with Cryptsy in that I was able to get out all my Bitcoin, just extremely slowly, with other coins moving out no problem, so I dodged that bullet. But, I've been around the cryptosphere since 2013 and have lost boatloads in other scams or companies going under suddenly. I'm afraid it comes with the territory and is something that simply has to be accepted. I hope that you do well here on Steemit and ultimately come to feel that you've gained more than you've lost in crypto land :)


Yeah you got lucky.
Trust is big in the cryto-world but many break that trust. I only trade with Bittrex, Openledger , and Poloniex now. I can't see any of those exchanges have any issues, but still keep most of my coins in personal wallets.


I use Polo and BitTrex for all my trading too. I haven't tried Openledger yet. Might have to give it a try, though. Personally I think that to keep succeeded in the crypto world you have to take reasonable precautions, but also make the decision to continue to trust even knowing that at times you'll get burned.

ohhh, sorry for that loss


Hopefully the lawsuit gets something back.


yes, i believe the lawsuit should be able to get something back

I was bitch slapped into next week by Cryptsy myself - Big Vern,oh what was his name ---torture should be legal

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