Will Bitcoin Influence Real Estate Trade?

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As with the increase in demand on Bitcoin and Ethereum, they are more often used to buy properties, indicating that digital currency finds its place in the real estate sector.

However, in Bitcoin News we find that some banks are still not ready to allow its customers to buy mortgage with bitcoin. Nevertheless, the real estate agents do not adverse when exchanging investors' digital currenies for real estate.

The Washington Post's latest article notes that the Miami Penthouse was estimated to be 33 bitcoins in the US, and the seller said it would not get any other currency. Facts about acquisition of property with bitcoin in the United Kingdom are more rare. According to the Harris survey, 27% of men think that investing in bitcoin is betterthan buying property.

It is noteworthy that buying a property is relatively limited to individuals and groups who have earned some income from digital currency trading. In the United States, it is quite common to buy real estate in cryptos and new innovative concepts are also designed to promote such buy-sells.

Real estate and private property agency Muirfield Investment Partners has joined the campaign and decided to use the blockcin to develop a real estate market and to create a coin, which can be freely available in accordance with US security rules. Muirfield founder Thomas Zakaginino said: "With the emergence of coins in real estate market, investors will have the opportunity to freely trade their property in the secondary market."

In the existing industry, Blockchain has benefited many applications. According to the Washington Post, in 2016, Goldman Sachs managed to save about $ 4 billion in real estate naming nsurance through this technology and maintained information about the property. Blockchain is not the only cheap and quick way to deal with property insurance.

The same post also notes that Agrello (DLT) can not determine the falsification, which actually means that such a property can not be sold. Despite DLT's efficiency in real estate transactions, it still has some limits on the part that can not afford the property insurance offer for the buyer.

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