The Tradelize Pre-sale is on!

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Attention all crypto investors!

We are very excited to announce that the Tradelize ecosystem pre-sale is live. Over the next month, investors will have the chance to invest in a revolutionary platform for cryptocurrency trading.

Buying tokens now will help our users get a leg up when the hard launch takes off.

The TDZ tokens will be sold at a rate of 1 USD to 1 token, and will be used in the ecosystem to run transaction fees and pay ProTraders. 80% of the raised funds will be used to find the world’s best traders and have them prove their worth by getting a Tradelize.score, a system of statistics stored on the blockchain. The top traders will be given up to $500,000 each to trade with, a not-too-shabby incentive to use the Tradelize platform! On top of that, they will take advantage of the Tradelize.terminal, trading software with simultaneous access to multiple exchanges and tons of tools.

From there, investors will be able to follow and automatically copy trades made by these ProTraders. To use the terminal or follow traders on Tradelize.score, you will need TDZ tokens.

Buying tokens now at the price of the TGE will help users get a leg up when the hard launch takes off. Remember, in order to invest on the platform you need to own $100 or more of tokens. Following ProTraders will pay for itself, but why not get a head start and buy the tokens early and with a bonus?

The first three days of the pre-sale offer a 30% bonus

The first three days of the pre-sale offer a 30% bonus on tokens. The bonuses during the pre-sale do fall the longer you wait.

Presale dates and bonuses:

1/05–3/05–30% bonus

4/05–10/05–20% bonus

11/05–28/05–15% bonus.

We’ve been glowing about our Direct Market Access terminal which already has a beta available you can download, install, and test out for yourself. This is one of the few crypto projects where the software is there before the tokens. So what are you waiting for? Take part in the foundation of Tradelize’s revolutionary ecosystem now!



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As far as I know this is the same people who wrote the Medium article. I.E. the people running the ICO just sending out the fact that the ICO pre-sale is on, on as many platforms as possible.

the writer is same person and same team.theres nothing wrong with that i thought

Awesome post!! Keep it up and check out THIS POST as well as I have something similar.