9 Reasons Why You'd Be A Fool Not to Use Tradelize Terminal for Crypto Trading

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The beta version of the Tradelize Terminal has launched! It is available right away for download and tasking absolutely free. This is a new level of trading crypto. This is what all you traders have been waiting for: a real terminal with news, tools, support for multiple exchanges and monitors and much more. Tradelize Terminal is made for professional traders, and designed for them to make maximum profit on the volatile crypto market.

Here are 9 unique features you can’t find together anywhere else:

1. Arbitrage Finder

This is exactly what it sounds like. Arbitrage is the act of finding and purchasing an asset in one market and selling it for a different price in another market for profit. Think of going to one bank where an exchange rate is low to buy euros with dollars, then going to a different bank with a higher exchange rate to buy back dollars. Crypto’s many exchanges are ripe with opportunities for arbitrage. Tradelize Terminal lets you find opportunities and execute them automatically.
This has the potential to reshape markets!

2. Level 2

Akin to the different prices that arbitrage finder takes care of, the Level 2 liquidity depth monitor will change the way you look at order books. Deep order books with buy and sell walls on big exchanges might only pertain to that one exchange and therefore are not entirely accurate in giving information on market health. On the terminal, you’ll be able to get a real sense how how deep buy and sell orders go and at what prices.

3. Portfolio View

This is a snapshot of your portfolio taken from all your balances of all your cryptocurrencies from all of your exchanges in real time and shown in fiat or in the cryptocurrency of your choice, not just bitcoin or ether. And since it is automatic, you won’t have to put in every trade and account for fees as in a portfolio tracker like Blockfolio.

4. Customizable Interface

The terminal allows you to open multiple windows and move them around in any order you want. Want to look at your portfolio while seeing order books? Want to see trades being made, or lists of coins, or different exchanges set up next to one another? There are no tabs necessary here. You can arrange the windows anyway you want and save the interface. If you like one layout for buying and another for selling, you can just save them, then use the layout later after moving things around. See what works for you. No other trading system allows this.

5. Comparative Tables

As part of the comprehensive system, you can compare orders and prices of assets side by side from different exchanges. Instead of having many tabs or signing in and out you can just have it up all at once. It’s one stop shopping.

6. Sorting Functions

Having all your info in one place is one thing, sorting it is another. Being able to sort highest and lowest prices, changes and more across multiple exchanges will be really powerful in both getting a general sense of the market and making sure you are getting the best deal. Sorting by volume and amounts will help you see what is moving in the markets and help you to make predictions.

7. Multiple Monitors

Imagine what a boss you will make with your very own customizable multi-screen setup! Though the terminal does offer one-window access to many different exchanges, it also lets you spread windows across multiple screens. One can imagine what kind of dungeon control center for crypto could be created in the serious trader’s basement.

8. All news feed

News feeds about crypto are plugged in and appear directly on the interface. So we can know general market news and specific news about a given asset or coin. Having news popup about a major move could definitely be advantageous on a buy or sell reaction to a piece of news.

9. Connect Wallets

Connect different wallets or connect them to exchanges. The most important thing is that you can track all your wallets together.

Want to try the best tool out there for crypto? Go to Tradelize.com and download it now.


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