CryptoSolarTech:First project to offer solar energy systems for economical crypto mining

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CryptoSolarTech is one of its kind blockchain application which uses solar energy systems to perform crypto mining operation. Anyone familiar with crypto currencies knows how expensive is to mine digital currencies. In most of the cases the electricity bills exceeds the worth of cryptocurrncies extracted through the mining process. CryptosolarTech uses high capacity solar equipment to produce sufficient energy for mining digital currencies. It uses natural energy source to carry out this expensive process in lower price and also helps the environment by reducing the CO2 emission created by the conventional process of mining.

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Everything is so simple that even a layman can understand the method of extracting digital currencies through renewable energy. This system will use a crypto mining farm with three thousand mining servers to which the renewable energy will be provided through photovoltaic solar panels installed in Spain for extracting digital currencies. The process is as simple as that. This project will be run on an Ethereumblockchain which will be responsible for managing income distribution and other essential tasks.

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We all know that the most prominent and striking problem of mining sector is its expensive nature. It is the most vulnerable industry where electricity bills surpass the amount of digital assets mined using that electricity. Many mining houses have been shut down just because it was never feasible for them to pay the electricity bills. CyptoSolarTechuses solar energy which unexplainably costs much lower than the conventional source of electricity. Hence it solves the common problem of this industry by providing an economical alternative.
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As we know that investing in digital currencies involves higher degree of risk because of its volatile nature. Digital currencies are so volatile that even the vendors who want to introduce it to the main stream by accepting them as one of a viable payment option are reluctant to adopt it. Few has given this payment option but soon withdrawn because of the same reason. But this ecosystem provides an opportunity to the investors to invest in high-risk market through an investment in a low-risk market of renewable energy production.
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Our world is getting warmer and global warming is even making over oceans become hot which is a great point of concern for the environmental professionals. According to summit held in Paris it is necessary to restrict global warming temperature to 2 degree centigrade before 2100. To achieve this goal there is a need of more than $ billion investment in renewable energy programs. With this background we can confidently say that CryptoSolarTech will witness a great success in a very limited time period. It provides an option to the investors to make a profitable investment alongside making the environment clean and green. With all these features it seems that the future belongs to the projects which helps improve the environmental impacts and bring forth healthy living.
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Crypto and solar, looks like a deadly combination..
Surely promising.. looking forward to it..

Yes they are near to hardcap

Informative post and very good project.
I am intrested for invest in this project.
What can i do @waqasniaz?

Go to their website

ico over?achived hardcap?

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