Tron dogs are here!

Alright guys so I'm sure everyone has heard of crypto kitties by now. The newest installment is tron dogs, currently only out in chinese at the moment so it makes navigating the page extreamly difficult even with google translate. Heres my first 2 tron dogs with there translated names "christmas" and "pirate" these dogs fall under the "legendary" class.

new pups.png

Now I dont know if I have just wasted 400 tron or not but I wasn't missing my opportunity to be at the ground floor of these little puppys. At a price of 200 tron there no crypto kittie and from what I have read the price will increase to 400 tron then too 2000 tron.


This is the sort of thing you have to deal with if your impatient like me, half translated sites with very broken english.

tron bind.png

The wallet display isnt bad and it is possible to navigate the site it just takes a little practice. I think these doggies are much cuter then the kitties and I think the Asian market is going to go nuts for this.

trons wallet.png

You can also currently buy your own "shop" in game for 20,000 tron which is currently about $4.7k AUD which isnt cheap. These stores will make a fortune if this game kicks off. The way they work the owner pays a smaller amount of tron for a pack of 26 dogs to go in his shop, he then gets paid when people buy off him. At the moment this is the only way to purchase dogs but apparently they are bringing a personal exchange soon.

dog line up.png

If your like me and want to check these out early here is the link to the site.

I think that some of these dogs look awesome and I didnt want to miss out so I dove straight in. Whats everyone's thoughts on these dogs? Think they will do well? Think it will fizzle out? Let me know in the comments below what you think!

Peace out guys have a good day!


I'm a sucker for this kind of thing, but it needs to be the right genre. For some reason dogs don't do it for me as much as cats. There has to be something that I haven't seen that would get me really excited. Would love more of a scifi element to it. Like a true breeder with blackchain based digital DNA.

Yea I prefer the dogs over the cats just because I think it has more potential with the Asian market. I think there will be many more games to come in the future that will improve on all these games. Im a sucker for them as well.

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Seems like there is a 'boom' in this kind of collection games. I mean, we have crypto kitties, etherions and probably tons I don't even know about. How does this game stand out? Why pay to have a collectable in these games? Just to sell it on to someone else?

You also gain ingame currency through the game. Called gtc I think these exchange at a rate of 0.2 gtc = 1 trx so you can make money back. You can withdraw these coins once you have 1000 so you would get 5000 tron back. Unlike kitties where the company made all the money trondogs alows users to buy in and own a shop and be part of the game in a way. I just see this game having far more potential.

Thx for showing this game!!! I´m kind of a sucker as well for this kind of collecting games... lol

Just have one question, how do you gain ingame currance?


At the moment your just rewarded when you buy dogs but im sure that will change shortly with the imtroduction of items.

Awesome write up man keep then coming!

That looks very cool, keep us posted. I'm so scattered now I can't possibly take on anything else, especially learning Chinese LOL.

Good job getting in early bro im keen

Yea hopefully its a smart move

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Great 👍 post really informative bro thank you 😊

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