😹 It Looks Like CryptoKitties Got A Brand New Game!

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Well it's not really a game, more like a classic move straight out of the failing business model playbook. It's been just over 6 months since Cryptokitties burst on to the blockchain scene in what could only be called the most spectacular example of "Things that could have been awesome if done correctly, but fell short." since Steemit.

Sure the idea was good, the concept of using collectible digital pets as a form of value/savings for cryptocurrency holdings was original at the time, and wow did the failure in the decision to use the Ethereum network as the project's backbone give us fuel to create EPIC MEMEs for months after, but beyond the initial curiosity factor there really wasn't any interactive game play or sustainable business model to support it all.

Fast forward a few months and those Gen 0 Kitties selling for 5-10 ETH ( $4,000+ at the time) are now on the market for 0.5 ETH and the rest of us are stuck with a bunch of stray kittens that won't even sell for 0.001 ETH. The launch of Fishbank, a much more interactive crypto pet game with non-stop fighting and powerups, a few months later didn't help the situation either.

So what is the corporate team to do?

Hire and pimp out a celebrity athlete, of course!

That's right! The first of 3 celebrity "CurryKitties" have just hit the auction block at a modest 85ETH. Yup! That useless digital cat token can be yours (for as long as the Ethereum blockchain still functions) for a cool $57,000 USD, give or take a few dollars.

How can you justify that purchase?

I will let the CryptoKitties team take it from here...

Why did CryptoKitties partner with Steph Curry?
When we launched CryptoKitties, we wanted to showcase an application for blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrency. To accomplish this, we pioneered the concept of cryptocollectibles.

Sports collectibles like baseball cards have gone through booms and busts, with overproduction and forgeries always catalyzing the busts. Blockchain technology solves issues like these with digital scarcity and provable authentication.

With CryptoKitties, we don’t want to just imagine how blockchain can make something new or solve a problem. We want to show you. And that’s why we partnered with Steph Curry to create the first officially licensed sports cryptocollectible.

Can you explain why someone would pay money for a CurryKitty?
Sports like basketball are defined by history-making moments. The connection between fans, athletes, and a moment in time are priceless—though sports memorabilia collectors can help you figure out a dollar figure.

The most valuable baseball card in history (the T206 Honus Wagner card) was one of the world's first baseball cards. Despite baseball card's booms and busts, that slip of cardboard has maintained its value and place in history, selling in 2016 for US$3.12 million.

The T206 Honus Wagner has maintained its value for a few reasons:
~ It is scarce
~ It was one of the first sports collectibles
~ It features one of the world’s best major league sports players
~ The same is true of the CurryKitties.

The CurryKitties are one of a kind and the first of their kind.

So there you have it.

If you are thinking this deal is too good to pass up and are ready to drop $57,000 for one of the CurryKitties... I also have some swamp land here in Florida I'd like to sell ya. It has lovely panoramic waterfront views, cute friendly animals come right to your door, and you'll get plenty of exercise running to and from your airboat to avoid being eaten by gators and black panthers. Just hit me up in the comments, I'll give you a great deal on it.

Let me know what you think, please leave your comments below.

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Yup! That useless digital cat token can be yours for a cool $57,000 USD, give or take a few dollars.

OMG! I though correction was over, but this sounds like a top lol

Friendly animals or not, ;-) swamp property is worth more that few virtual bits representing cryptokitty. It is tangible asset after all.


CryptoKitties are Cute...

Axie Infinity Is the Next Evolution!

Come check out the 5th most popular Ethereum game today, and the battle system is still about a week away from release. ;)

Breeding, Evolution, Combat and mini games, it's CryptoKitties+ :)

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Thank you for this! My post is even funnier when you hear it in an AI voice.

:O that swamp land deal tho... 🐊😂


LOL - No takers so far, let me know ;-)

I bet this is gonna b great


Crap, now I have to rewrite my post since that is exactly the opposite feeling I wanted everyone to take away from it.

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Please I did more enlightenment on this CryptoKitties.

Right after the Ethereal Summit, yesterday,​ there was an auction and a CryptoKitty was sold for a record price of $140,000.

Source: https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/61826539_cryptokitty

You may think that cryptocollectibles are useless and not worth anything, but so did many people think of Bitcoin in 2011.

Good luck on selling your swamp land! Let's see if your land or the Stephen Curry CryptoKitty sells faster.

Cryptokitties is a useless donation tool