Cryptokitties IS GAMBLING and should not be played blindly

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Hello Readers!

I am going to outline how cryptokitties is similar to crypto gambling, and how to use this mentality to increase your profit and reduce your risk when breeding Cryptokitties.

First, a little bit of background information about myself... I have only been playing Cryptokitties for about week or so but I have been part of the online crypto gambling community for many years, and make no make no mistake, Cryptokitties IS gambling. At least partially. One should not play blindly, or randomly breeding kittens together with no goals or no understanding of how things work. However if you like gambling, investing, and collecting cute pictures of cats, boy oh boy Cryptokitties is your slice of heaven!

While gambling at a crypto casino, many became used to the novel idea that we were gambling with bitcoins, while gambling with bitcoins! In other words, not only were we making bets at the casino but we were gambling with the market price of BTC at the same time. This double layer bet is what makes Cryptokitties perfect for current crypto gamblers because one gambles with the outcome of breeding while also gambling on the market price of a cat like yours on the market (and if you want to go one step further, ETH market price too!)

There are many types of gambling sites online where you can adjust your bet to whatever odds you like. A high risk bet or a low risk one. If someone wins a high risk bet at a casino then they get a nice reward (proportional to the level of risk) and a name on a leaderboard if they are lucky, to show-off to others their epic win. When one plays Cryptokitties, you similarly adjust the level of risk when you choose what 2 kitties to breed.

Whatever your goal is, to breed cute cats, or to get rare cattributes, or fancy hunting, you choose the two cats you think will get you your goal. This is like your high risk win! it is unlikely but if it happens it usually pays off. The trick is making sure that if your breed doesn't go as planned, the recessive traits are good enough that the losing bet isnt really a loss. The better the "failed" traits can be, the more you can sell your failed kitty for on the market to recover your expenses. You also don't just get your name on a high score list; Instead you have a unique (hopefully beautiful) kitty as proof of your very rare win, and if you think the market will go up you can hold your kitten as an investment to later be worth more. You cant do that normal casino wins!

To make sure that you would be happy with the outcome of your breeding, make sure you not only like way your breeding cats look (dominant traits), you need to check that you will like the breeding combinations including their recessive traits too! So before you buy, make sure you check the genomes of the cats here:

or here:

By doing this you are effectively increasing the "failed" cats' market value thus reducing the risk of loss when breeding in the first place and increasing your return.

Keeping the above things in mind might help you understand the game better, and thus make smarter decisions when breeding or when buying and selling on the market. Cryptokitties IS gambling... made better ;)


Did you like this article? It's my first one! Please give me your input in the comments so I can better learn and grow with the Steemit community :) You can also write suggestions for new articles! I hope to write more in the future, so follow me if you would like to stay informed!

Donations of kitties or ETH help make articles like these possible!


Not for me! I buy my kitties out of love. Each kitty is unique and has its own personality. They may be inanimate but theyre cute and eternal. Ck has never been about money for me. In my life Steemit and ck are solely for the enjoyment. Not for getting rich. It would be cool for that to go along side but not my main objective like some. But i respect that element of ck for sure. The grnetics and the rarities are pretty deep and if your really smart you can make decent money on specific catribute collecting.

Don't get me wrong! I love my kitties and each is unique. For the record my method if playing is breeding cute cats and selling the failed attempts, but I plan to keep my kitty collection forever! I'm not looking to make money but pay for more cats and more breeding xD

Thats the purrfect answer! You rock! Here’s my favorite of my kitties his name is spocktor jones :3 will own till ded. i love him. i currently own a whole dozen!

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Cryptokitties is the most useless crypto game (its not a game by the way) and worse than gambling.

One should stay away from it.

your argument (if we can call it that..) is weak. you should provide reasons for your points.

why isnt it a game? why is it worse than gambling?
i can confidently say both those statements are false but lets discuss.

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