Cats are expensive

in cryptokitties •  11 months ago

I recently was able to produce a new crytokitty from the cats I have. To my dismay, I did not end up with any fascinating genetic characteristics. Here is the picture of the new kitten below.

The original cats I have Kylo and Ren.

I guess I should not have expected much from such similar characteristics. I was just happy to have the funds to now have three cats. As of now I am fresh out of Etherum to do anything else in the Cryptokitties market but at least now I can say I have some investments in cats.

I find Cryptokitties interesting but I am not sure how far this will go. Leave a comment if you know a thing or too about the market for Cryptokitties.


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Well, i dont know which is more expensive.. The Cryptokittens or my Ignorance lol

I like the fact that this post talks about the happenings in the crypto world. I am a Crypto enthusiast and honestly still trying to get my head around some of the registers involved in this.

To cut the long story short, i do not have an idea what Cryptokittens mean. I hope i am qualified to comment. Judging from your last statement lol

I’m curious about Cryptokitties and the new Trondogs. I don’t think I will be involved in either of them myself, I do like to learn a little about them though

i upvoted! have a nice day.

thank for info

its good post

i like cats and dog