CryptoKitties Lotto! 2 Free Kitties Giveaway! EtherCraft's New Items!

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The Kitty pictured above is up for grabs in a Free Giveaway by @mitchhunter , lets get him to make more!!!

We will have a kitty lotto tonight. The winner receives the baby and the winner up receives the mother(pictured below). You have up until the baby is born to enter(around 7 hours). All you have to do is guess the last 3 numbers of the Kitty # . so if they baby born is Kitty#476890 and you upvote, follow, resteem, and comment with the winning number ie 890, you win the Free Kitten!

EtherCraft has New Items! launched some new items about 2 hours ago. People are buying fast, so I'm not sure if it is still profitable to buy these new items. If you want to play the game or don't mind holding until people start playing, then its still a good early time to buy. You will probably make back at least half your ETH spent on the items.

Don't forget to Enter the CryptoKitties Lotto by guessing the last 3 numbers of the Kitten that is about to be born. Upvote, follow, resteem, and comment with your 3 number guess and your CryptoKitties Litter Wallet Address.

Get in Early. These are games are still Pre-Launch!



Make ETH inviting your friends to KryptoWar


Ive got a bunch of kitties i haven't logged in a weeks lol

Why don'y you log in and show us what you got? Also, come check out my giveaway. I built and the marketplace.

Sure, I'll play!









420 for me please @brittuf! who won the last guess the cattributes comp btw??

I wanted to start looking at getting into cryptokitties after I read about it late last year. This would be a nice way to begin my litter.

I guess:


Yayyyyyy.... I like. My entry is


My guess is



Good luck everyone!







I love kitties!

628 :)

kitties is likey sine so i see this game so i fill vary likee and happy . jast i want it play .wooow.

Gimme the kitties! LOL

Wooow ! kittes so beautiful thanks for sharing i follow you

Amazing that the krypto kitties fad lasted this long.

Because its not a fad, its a new genre in gaming

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there are so many crypto games now! so hard to keep up

The kitty is adorable
Unfortunately, I don't often have much luck with lotto so I'll pass.
I don't mind having one though

PS: I just followed you and wouldn't mind a follow back

PS: I just followed you and wouldn't mind a follow back

Please follow me and like my posts

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Me encaanta! What a beutiful litle toy <3

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I wajt free kitties lol

This is a lovely contest. The last kitty number is 053

The kitties is cute.

Nice fantastic post

Why not? :)


It love these kitty! They are cute!


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The kitties look nice thogh, am more of a tech person. thumbs up

also is coming with a game and it wil run on smart phone . think ico token sale is coming soon

i just got some got a bunch of kitties i have not logged in a weeks lol

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Wooow ! kittes so beautiful thanks for sharing i follow you

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