Ballinconscious Is a proud owner of a gen 0 cryptokittie!

I just recently figured out about cryptokitties a month ago and just now finally decided to get into it. Meet my first cryptokittie (gen 0 is da best) that I bought for 0.422179886775462599 Ether or ($372.84 USD).

CryptoKitties   Collect and breed digital cats .png

His description reminded me of certain character so I decided to name him after that. MMMMmmmmm lasagna! Check him out here!

CryptoKitties   Collect and breed digital cats (5).png

How I bought my first cryptokitty!

Three easy steps to be able to buy and breed your first cryptokitty!

1. Download Metamask here as a chrome or firefox plug in. This will be your wallet to be buy kittens in the game

2. Buy some etheruem from a crypto exchange or if you already own some just send it to your metamask wallet by copying the address! I sent 4.2 Eth from bittrex, I sent a small amount to test it since I have never used metamask.   Wallets(3).png

3. Then once you see that the ethereum showed up in you metamask wallet you can buy your first crypto kitty! Metamask automatically plugs into the game. ^_^

If you need a more detailed guide to get yourself started here is a good one I found searching online by a person named @stellabelle. you probably haven't heard of her; It's not like she was one of the first people to join steemit :p

The addictive part of buying cryptokitties!

So I have always like collecting things (trading card game, toy figures, etc.) but never had much a lot of extra money to spend on things like that.....until I joined steemit :p
Now here I am buying digital cats for tons of money, just like the rare beanie babies that I could never afford as a kid.....except this time I can jump into the craze too!

The most expensive beanie baby I found is a princess diana purple bear supposedly worth 500k, DON'T RIP OFF THE TAG MOM! IT WILL LOSE IT'S VALUE!

Bye-bye sweet love! Genesis is now the proud owner of Stimpson J. Cat 💖

This cryptokittes cost 256 ether or around 210,000 USD! We can see a lot of similarities between beanie babies and cryptokitties. The biggest difference is the gamification of these collectables.

Now back to my crypto kittie collecting!

Next I bought Gumdrop because I like his eyes and his mustache! He cost me 0.054993807631944444 Ether ($47.79 USD) Check him out here!
CryptoKitties   Collect and breed digital cats (3).png

You can also pimp out your kitties to make them have sex with other kitties in exchange for money (ether). Then after the get freaky, you get to keep the baby! This is called "sire". So I found some rare cattribute that I liked and found a person pimping out there kitty with those traits for .1 ether ($93.51 USD) and gave them some privacy!
CryptoKitties   Collect and breed digital cats (1).png

Here is the beautiful baby that they made together! I named him Seafomo after the rare attribute..... I mean cattribute that I was seeking. Check him out here!
CryptoKitties   Collect and breed digital cats (8).png

Money I have spent buying digital kittens just tonight since I started= 515.6 USD!

Pro tips for all those who want to be a kryptokittie master!

Reddit guide and tips
Kitty sales stats
kitty Explorer to find all different types
Find the rarest catttributes!

All right gonna get back to my goal of becoming a CRYPTOKITTIE MASTER, GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL!


i can't imagine this is how far the blockchain world has come .

Yea ether is a strange Love the cat theme though @ballinconscious

Yeah, I am impressed that gamification is being added to the blockchain network already. Thought it would take longer.

CryptoKitties CryptoKitties tweeted @ 02 Dec 2017 - 20:40 UTC

Bye-bye sweet love! Genesis is now the proud owner of Stimpson J. Cat 💖

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

OK, I won't invest money on these kitties, of which by the way I had never heard of before, but in this world you never know, hopefully maybe you will become rich off of them.

Lol yeah, there is really no reason to unless you like playing games. People already are making a lot of money off of them. One guy said he made more than he has from even trading.

Love Cryptokitties! I just wonder if it's also possible to make any money wiht it.

It reminds me of this game I used to play: Lioden. Similar concept but with lions. Just logged in on my account and I completely forgot the entire dynamic of the website lol

Lol me too, a little to much I think. Lost some money paying for kitties for too much.bwasnt paying attention to the value of the kitties in the beginning; I was just buying. I think I have broke even now though.

Lol never heard of lionden, I assume it didn't Involve crypto though ;) I remember an old game I used to play when I was young called neopets

As long as you fix your losses in the end it should be fine. How are you kitties doing?

Ohhhhyeaaa. Neopets! Shit that is old. But could you breed them?

Yeah, I did indeed. They are doing good. Just chillin doing their digital kittie thing. Once CK reach 500,000 they will stop creating gen 0 and all of them will raise in value.

No, you couldn't really breed them. Just a lot of weird creature themed mini games.

Happy new year! Cute kitties!

I saw your name on @crowdfundedwhale, can you help me if you know personally @cryptos, because he didnt online for many days, thank you!

Crypto kitties say thank you.

No I don't know him personally :(

quiet informative..keep on posting such articles!upvoted

Thanks, I appreciate it. Will try to post as frequently as possible.

Kitty #447233 price is Average: 0.231 ETH, Cheapest: 0.132 ETH

Awesome, how did you figure that out? I think those number are wrong. Seems overvalued in those calculations.

I used an online kitty calculator

Did you use this website

Cool, the prices change all the time so that makes sense.

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