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If you sent me your email it is because you are interested and I will be very brief so as not to take away much of your time.

Some time ago I discovered a page called BTC CLICKS this page allowed me to earn money just by seeing ads is not scam and it is not a lie if you read all this and you are curious to see my last transaction

To register on the page enter this LINK:

To make sure you have the same income as me, I will give you several tips

You have to strive to get REFERED these will give you twice your income and I advise you try to get at least 5 with this in 2 months you will be charging your first 600 dollars
Try to see all the daily posts that the page will send you, as the more you see ads the more they will send you for your activity

Ready you saw that it is easy this is the most important thing then I will show you more things but this is the most relevant

NOTE: the referrals are the most important since they will double your income


  1. You will register where Earner says, the cup that is in black
  2. You will fill your data as required
  3. Then they will send you a confirmation email to your mail, open it and the registration will be complete


  1. This will be your main menu
  2. You only have to give it in surf ads


6.It will give you where is the yellow box bone the letters in blue
7.Then I will take you to another page and a counter will appear to you if

  1. When finished, it will ask you to fill in the capchas and add or subtract if


And ready you will give in submi


Ready when this if those numbers in green mean that your advertising will be ready

It is all my friend is easy and fast I will leave you my wasa number so that when you have doubts you write me but my wasa I will give it to you when you read all this and send you the payment vouchers

And well this is all my friends see you at CIMA


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