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Hello steemains,
Nowadays, more and more scenarios benefits from decentralization, which is the core of blockchain systems. For example, Bitcoin, the origin of blockchain, has proven it’s significance to digital assets, while Ethereum has proven how important is decentralization to DApps. And there are more and more blockchain projects explore how
they can leverage decentralization.

Nebulas (NAS) is a decentralized platform which provides a search framework for all blockchains.
Based on its blockchain valuation mechanism,
Nebulas proposes future-oriented incentive and consensus systems, and the ability to self-evolve without forking.
Nebulas is a next generation public blockchain, aiming for a continuously improving ecosystem with the following three core features:

  1. Value ranking(Nebulas rank)

  2. Self-evolving (Nebulas force)

  3. Incentive(Nebulas Incentive)




Nebulas rank is their core ranking algorithm which has been open sourced. the algorithm is based on liquidity,propagation of users assets and the interactivity between users. Core Nebulas Rank is used to measure the contributions of a user to the whole economy in a certain period of time.



Nebulas force provides the nebulas blockchain and its distributed applications built on top, the capability to self evolve. with NF developepers are able to make changes, incorporate new technologies,and fix bugs without needing to hard fork.

For the upgrade of the protocol code in Nebulas, Nebulas will add the protocol code to block structure
to carry out the upgrade of the protocol code by supplementing additional data on chains so as to
avoid the possible split or bifurcation between developers and communities.



Incentives are the driving force of blockchain evolution. The nebulas incentive includes developer incentive protocol(DIP) and proof of devotion(PoD). DIP provides a feedback loop for developers to create high-quality distributed applications. With PoD, users who rank well will be rewarded in our Nebulas token by book keeping.









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What is your conclusion?

I think there is a lot of people that hear "Google of blockchain" and just think "yeah right, good luck with that little Nebulas"

I'm glad that they made the point clear that Nebulas will not be used necessarily to search for everyday things like your favorite celebrity.

But rather ranking value of the items, contracts, and users on a specific blockchain or on the whole network. And this value ranking allows filtering and search capability.

nebulas rank will unlock whole new sets of capabilities for blockchain.

what you think for this bro...??

I'm always very careful with new projects. They very often are fraud. I will watch this project, I hope you will write something else about it :)

project is very good , and well info bro

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The post of the post you wrote, the words of the post and the logic of the argument are all right. Thank you

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Worth investing??

bro you must do your own research before investing
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Yeah, thank you mate.

Blockchain technology will rock in future.

Yeah bro
we are on the way to digital future
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Nebulas will support smart contracts written in Javascript, Python, and Java. This means that practically any coder will be able to contribute DApps and smart contracts to the platform, without needing to learn a more specialized programming language like Ethereum’s Solidity. In addition, the Nebulas team has integrated an incentive mechanism, which they call the Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP), into the platform. This protocol will attract talented DApp and smart contract developers by rewarding them with Nebulas tokens based on their rank within the platform.

Superb valuable post mate. Keep sharing great content like this

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