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So guys first piece of news, Coinbase gets a 20 billion dollar prime client ads are back on facebook so two pieces of good news for coinbase. Now they actually started focusing on institutional money this happened not too long ago I'm sure most of you guys do remember that and I think this is a great idea because we don't see anough people focus on the institutional investors and on the big money, and the big money is what's going to cause a huge change in the cryptocurrency market.


We're all waiting for the influx of Wall Street institutional investors and everything to come in to take the marketcap to the potential trillions and trillions of dollars. Well somebody's gonna have to actually reach out and try to make it easier for them to come in to get their attention.

Looks like Coinbase is going ahead and doing that so their ads are actually back on Facebook they got while listen to do that that's great to see Facebook is slowly opening it up. Now realizing that not all cryptocurrencies are scam. They're trying to find a way to balance it out.


Now, not you're not going to see any forks or any ICO's I believe on there yet, but a company like Coinbase is a legitimate they have done things correct, they have worked in the past so they are allowing them to advertise again but 20 billion dollar hedge fund that's what you guys probably saw in the title.

You guys are interested in 20 billion dollar hedge fund has already signed up for the prime business according to people familiar with the matter now obviously this isn't any official announcement by anyone but apparently a 20 billion hedge fund has signed up with Coinbase Prime. So, very cool to see again just the beginning they just recently started with I'm hoping to see more and see this happen more and more and I think it's gonna really impact the cryptocurrency space.

Love you cryptonations for love and support!
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Syed Eassa Zaeem


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