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This sector is promising, in the near future an annual increase in working capital is expected within 10%. With the increase in capitalization, the inflow of companies providing this service is also increasing. In pursuit of quantity, companies forget about quality. In the process of transportation there is a loss of cargo, its damage. All this is accompanied not by one hundred official documents, which must be correctly filled and signed by all participants in the process of interaction.

Another myth - logistics is a truck and a driver who "chases" the cargo across half the country. Logistics is a long process of calculating the most profitable route, a combination of several modes of transport, there are several dozen professionals specializing in this field. Some operations are repeated time after time, respectively, if you systematize the actions and make them stand-alone, you can reduce the time and staff.

The project SmartContainers is functioning today, it specializes in supply. The company is divided into two large branches, both of which are engaged in the design of containers of a new generation, the difference in their final destination, and, accordingly, the methods of production. There are two complex directions for transportation: food and pharmaceuticals. Both those and others must be transported in compliance with certain regulatory requirements described by the regulatory authorities.

The main thing is to preserve the original quality.

SkyCell specializes in the development of high-precision temperature containers, with a minimum percentage deviation from the norm. Medicines for improper storage can be fatal for patients, respectively, if all the regulatory requirements are met, then the quality of medicines remains at a high level. In addition, the company strives to make its containers less harmful to the environment and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.

Food Guardians specializes in the development of containers and box products, with the ability to adjust temperature performance. Such settings will allow transportation of food products with the possibility of increasing the shelf life and preserving the freshness of the products.

Both these branches are integrated with blockchain technology. Specially developed Internet of Things sensors will be placed on containers, which will allow tracking the movement of cargo from the initial to the final destination.

The document circulation becomes simpler, now almost all the documentation can be created inside the platform. The processes become autonomous. By reducing the number of procedures, the time and labor intensity of employees who previously do this work are reduced. The introduction of new technologies ensures a reduction in costs. The cost price becomes lower, as the interaction goes directly between the customer and the contractor. All operations within the platform are made using the internal currency of the project, which can be purchased at an open sales stage.


Delivery at the highest level.

Just imagine the possibility of getting fresh fruit right on the doorstep of your house. There is no need to worry about what kind of warehouses your fruit lay or how many people were fingering them. Let's agree that on the shelves of the store often lies not the first freshness food, and fruits and vegetables have lost their original appearance.

SmartContainers is becoming a new stage in the development of logistics in this segment. Long-term experience and already existing product in a few years will be able to win most of this market.


More information can be found on the official sources of the project:


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This sounds interesting, although having IOT sensors attached to individual containers to me would suggest a lot of extra cost unless at massive scale.

A very interesting opinion: I think that they will be able to reduce the overall costs

How do you think, is it good idea to invest in this project?? i see some perspectives in it, but too many competitors they have

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