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Diamonds are an indicator of the status of its owner. Since ancient times, the extraction of this precious stone has brought tremendous fortunes to people. The extraction of diamonds is a time-consuming process that can not be carried out everywhere. In only a few countries, this process has been established over several centuries. Earlier, for the possession of diamond mines, wars and tribal feud flared up. This applies not only to precious stones, many know the term "gold seekers", when the gold fever killed many people.

But if metals lose their original appearance over time, they oxidize and require melting, then the diamond will remain pure, this is the feature of the hardest mineral. Not in vain did they use diamond crumb for domestic purposes,
for example, boron. machines with diamond coating are very popular in dentistry.

On the Internet, you can find dozens of ways how to determine the quality of this expensive stone at home. Over the years talented people have learned to forge them in such a way that an ordinary person can hardly distinguish. Buyers have to turn to professionals who will be able to determine the quality of the gem.

Diamond or a glass?

As you know, there are a lot of characteristics for a diamond. Despite the fact that its main measurement is carat, the total price is formed from 4 main factors, which gave the name 4-C (color, clarity, carat, cut). It is difficult for a person who is not versed in the subtleties to determine, at first sight, the estimated value of a stone. Because of this, dishonest sellers appear, which overestimate the cost.

Glitzkoin is a project that is innovative for this trade sector. It involves large conglomerates of merchants, the richest people around the world, miners and jewelers who turn diamonds into millionaire works of art. The platform will first become a world marketplace, protected from fraud. Each stone becomes a personalized unit. In addition, there is a professional assessment, which will not allow you to overstate the average cost of the market, and deceive the gullible buyers.

Projected market movements.

Glitzcoin uses a modern technology based on neural networks. Before the project there is a task to train machine intelligence in such a way, so that it assesses the current situation on the market, predicted a change in prices depending on the place of extraction of stones, the opening of new wells. Inside the platform, a trading platform function is implemented, with the possibility of holding auctions, while buyers do not need to visit public places or worry about buying it on the "black" market. Each stone is identified within the ecosystem and all its movements are fixed with a blockchain, which is also another level of protection in this sector.

Payment for all transactions is made using the domestic currency, and tokens can pay for the services of logisticians or professional experts. If you want to become a participant in this market segment, for example, by buying a share of the diamond, you will need to create a Stellar wallet. The choice of this blockchain is justified by the speed of transactions and a simple conceptual interface.

An interesting concept, sharpened by a narrow segment, makes the project attractive for investment. The precious stones market does not plan to disappear in the next hundred years. Investments in this asset are promising and liquid.


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I wonder why they chose the Stellar Blockchain instead of as example Ethereum Blockchain. Looking into the whitepaper for reasons.

They attribute this to the faster speed of transaction processing

Against the background of financial ICO, this project stands out for its uniqueness. ICO is still going??