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RE: Deviant Coin [DEV] 🚀 - A Masternode Coin With Decentralized Exchange Based on BitShares Platform [COMING SOON] - Privacy Focused!

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago

It's means all these advantages can we get only if we join on Deviant Coin .. and the most I like here is zerocoin protocol, it can keep our safe so we are free to send and receive anything without feel worry. I think DEV has made us all fascinated with his new breakthrough.Thank you @ghayas
it's been very helpful for us to understand about Deviant Coin (DEV)


Thank you for reading all the way through :)

Indeed, the Zeroprotocol gives DEV an extra edge to out shine..

You're welcome @ghayas, I'm glad you want share the important information and it's a valuable knowledge

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