Veco - the cryptocurrency for people (you can mine it with CPU only) + masternode

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Veco is the first and only coin to offer Yespower 1.0 and at the same time masternode. Yespower is an algorithm that cannot be mined (at least for now) by GPU or ASIC. This allows EVERYONE to mine with his computer/tablet without the need of expensive graphic cards. It was actually the case at the beginning of Bitcoin before somebody realized that developing a GPU calculation software for Bitcoin was way more efficient. With Veco, the Yespower 1.0 algo was developed precisely to put GPUs and ASICs away from mining it. Furthermore, Veco offers masternodes. Veco is currently the only coin to offer both Yespower 1.0 and masternodes. Despite providing the network with a more stable and secure network, masternodes also allow to have less price fluctuation. However, not in the early days of the coins, but on a longer term. This because when you put coins into a masternode (The collateral of 1000 VECO) you are usually less keen to sell since you receive regular rewards for owning a masternode.
Except these pure technical details on the coin, Veco will soon start the development of DApps, or "Decentralized applications". A decentralized application means that no server is required to host the application. For example, currently, if you go to, you arrive on an application that is hosted on a server in the Microsoft infrastructure where technicians are required to maintain their network, their servers, their hard drives, etc, etc.
With Dapps, this is not the case as everyone can run the application on its own computer (or on a server). Data is transferred directly between pairs running the application without the need of a server required to store and make the data transit from one client computer to another, storing locally it in its database. In decentralized application, data is stored in the blockchain, hence all computers using the blockchain running this app have the same data. What is wonderful with decentralization is that for example if a nuke was to destroy Microsoft, then would cease to work, while with decentralized application, it will continue to work seamlessly...
This of course can have a lot of applications, but mainly it guarantees 100% system operability but also that data cannot be falsificated (In the case of centralized servers, hackers can).
As you can read this coin future is very promising. What is also worth your attention, Veco max supply is set to 40.000.000 only - this, for sure, makes space for future great value of this coin.
Currently, you can mine Veco, buy it 2 exchanges and run your own masternode(s). Please vote up and write a comment.

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trade Veco on exchange:


That's seems a cool project. But i have to try and see how much can be mined in a day.

Also, the mining should be profitable considering the electricity and effort

owning AMD ryzen 7 2700x, it can be profitable. otherwise you can start masternode. remember this is young coin with 1 year history so, hold your coin for better future - maybe one day you buy a car for these.

Thank you mam

Good news for people with PC

Yes it is. After recent halving, mining gives 8 VECO for block, Masternode gives 7 VECO per block. Block time is 120 seconds. Official pool is quite good, I use rplant pool. I think it will be good coin because of planned Dapps.

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