Kryptonia + Steemit Fusion | Another Faucet for us to earn

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For this past days, I was receiving multiple inquiries about this and asking assistance. So, to maximize my time in steeming, I come up to this Idea.

Why consider this platform?

 This will benefit you through different facets. It is like a super fusion and all for your own good!

  1. CREATE A TASK - This platform will give you an opportunity to publish your Steemit post and gain for sure upvotes! They call it Task (take note that many crypto investors are here too and they have their own steemit accounts so that is another bonus for connections.)
  2. COMPLETE A TASK – If you can create your own tasks so to earn upvotes etc. you can also complete a task and earn some Superior Coin or SUP.
  3. It has different features that you would definitely enjoy.


Kryptonia is a kind of mining platform of Superior-Coin. It is well bridge to Steemit wherein you could earn SBD and SUP coins.

Get Started

First you will need to register.
When registering, you will receive instant coins reward when you connect your social media accounts. Get 100 sup per account connected. The more social medias connected, the bigger the coin reward.
To register, click this link

Before you get fully registered, you will be asked to create your first task. Just do it and the coin reward is sponsored by Kryptonia. Proceed to how to create a task tutorial below

Inside Kryptonia

Home Image


How to create a Task


Your Bank

Inside your bank are different features like your Coins Status, History transactions, Referrals rewards ect.



Invite your friends to join and you will be rewarded with 100 SUP coins per invite.
referral received.PNG

Connect your social media accounts and you will receive another 100 SUP coins per account.
social media connect.PNG

Inside your Bank is also a "Gift" where in you can see the history of your transaction, coins transfer which includes a memo if you want to include.

Fact: All rewards that you will receive from referrals and social medias connect are all subject for clearance and on-hold for 7 days. You can monitor it if they are still on-hold/ pending or received by checking it inside your referral/social media connect room.

Steemit Tacloban Philippines Group #taclobanph is very active in helping this platform to introduce to the public. You can see it in our blogs with a banner of it which we initiated to make for the group. We are simply believers of this Very new Crypto! It is hitting the market very fast! We are #crypto enthusiast!

If you are still not familiar with Superior-Coin, this is our new Crypto that is making noise in the market.
Here are some links where you can visit:
Web site :
Telegram chat:

Join us in Telegram bot and get updated!

For daily price update and trading for SUP coin we can follow @colinsydes and receive some free gifts from his daily steemit faucet post.

I hope that you find it helpful and start to jump in. As I said, this is another crypto currency that we shouldn't miss. Get on board as early as now. Let us populate the room and do the business!

Thank you!

Your Whale

@wilsonblue5 -Your whale at heart ready to shoot up and power up my SP for you!

Thank you for all your supports!


Joint the Crypto Empire and let us race together for a 1000sp


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Great post thanks for the support!

Thanks for sharing. Never heard of kryptonia but I’ll give it look.


Try it @pbgreenpoint. You'll surely love it.

D shiznit


This is reallg is it!


Do what?

Wow so much learning being shared from this post sir thank you:)


You are welcome. Let us continue to share it so everyone would see and enjoy this platform!

Thanks for posting this @wilsonblue5. I am somewhat active but not really sure how to do everything yet. Will resteem latter.


hahaha it's quite confusing but you'll surely enjoy. Have a good day @floridagypsy!

Very descriptive walk through on the platform thanks @wilsonblue5

I love these faucets


You'll surely love it. Enjoy the platform @merryslamb

Thanks good information very handy!


For everybody to start @careface😊 Thank you!

Kryptonia and SUP Mgt thanked for this article and worth it to get 100% upvote by @kryptonia. I am happy to see more articles like this, it helped to spread the opportunities to others.
Stay tuned for more updates. 😁😁😁


We do help spread it wider. I'm glad I could help this way.
I hope it reaches the management but just a bunos if it gets an upvotes. Thanks!

Thank you so much for diz @wilsonblue5 ..this time i have to understand dz stuff..


You should. It is very easy as ABC. Enjoy the benifits and share what you get from it. Thank you!

Nice one will look into this one just signed up and up voted


Enjoy @polarbeat! That's a great opportunity for us all.


right! Keep doing the good work

Thanks for the informative article. Best help for newbies like me..


I am happy I could help through this. Keep using the platform @coachjuvymae!

Excellent article! Thank you Colin!


Thank you appreciate it!

Great post


Thank you. Get you self in and enjoy the platform @ianstevenson

Thank you for sharing @wilsonblue5..I already have pending coins it's not yet available for me to use.. I'm just waiting for it to be available and I will make task.. I already did once from your giftcoin.. 😊

Whale hello there


Hello... enjoy and let's shoot this platform to the moon!

Really helpful work. Resteeming.


Thank you! We need to spread a platform like this.

Very helpful! Thank you so much! :)


You are welcome! Enjoy the platform...

I'm new here though but ill give it a trial


Don't hesitate to DM me and I'll assist you @jacobzeema

That's excellent news for minnows like myself.


It will help us a lot so start jumping in and enjoy @tonygreene113

Thank you kuys @wilsonblue5 for sharing . Help me a lot.


You are welcome bro.! We are all still learning so go and explore more!

This is awesome Wilson and can be a key part of providing financial freedom for a lot of our kabayans.


It is Bro! Let's help everyone to get on board and we are ready to give any assistance.

It won't let me register I filled in all the boxes, but when I try and click regiter it won't let me click it. Help please?


Hi @ethanthefighter can you DM me through messenger? I'm not sure where you were stocked DM me (@Wilson Lucero Galvez)

I enjoyed the article


@bojackcates, this is your first comment dropped. Thank you hahaha
Let's make this crazier!!

Nice kua @wilsonblue5😄 I can use this as guide.


You are welcome! Glad it could help you.

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Thank you!

I just followed you and resteemed your post cause your posts seems to be informative post you can find similar crypto news on my steemit @reewy ,,that might be productive for you too...


I don't see any resteem of this post in your wall but thank you still. Appreciate you for dropping comment and commending it! Cheers!

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Thank you🤗

Yeyyy..let's do this..


Lets go! Happy to see you active in this too.


Yes of course, this is all for our's gonna boom soon bro.


For sure so let us continue to help others and bring them in.

Thank you for posting like ths.. 😊


You're very much welcome ^_^

Nice one sir @wilsonblues5 Thank you for sharing.


You're welcome! Thank you too!

Thanks for this info. This is very helpful. 😊

I want your support!


Sure @evamarina. were you able to start?

Im from Cebu, not in Tacloban am I disqualified in joining?


Of course not bro! It is open to all. I am base here in the US as well. Just let me know and I am willing to assist you @felicitas