The Market Does Not Look Good At The Moment But A Lot Of Money Has Been Made

in cryptocurrency •  6 months ago

So I came across this article about investors in Japan and apparently, according to tax records 331 people have made over a million dollars trading crypto. That is a good amount of people to become new millionaires. In case you are wondering I am not in that club :p. What is more impressive is only 549 individuals reported making over a 1 million (that didn't come from work). That means that more than half of traders who made their money made it from crypto over traditional markets. Sweet.

I do hope to join that club in the next couple of years but it is not looking like it with today's market :p. I think steem will get me there to be honest, maybe by the end of the year. Maybe I am being over optimistic but I can see this coin hit the $100 dollar mark at some point.

Do you think you can make it to that level? We will have to see if there is another bull run.

Here is the link for more info:


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I do hope too as well. Know couple of people who have made a fortune from this recent fall in prices, I should have perhaps gotten into trading back then as well

Wow!! It's amazing how one simple post like this can earn $142.27 in 35 mins! How do you do that? :-)


what's SP?


Just take a look at anybody's wallet, and you can see how much SteemPower they have. The more you 'power up', the more this helps your posts to get noticed. You get posting rewards within the first 30 mins


thanks for info

We know that steemit is growing like the fire in the forest, so I'm there is a big hope that steem will reach to it's optimum level of 100$ in the couple of year.

Steemit is a great platform
And here more money can be earned
We just have to work hard and keep patience

i will be happy if i will make in thousands
well obviously our hopes lies on steem.steem at
$100 would be great

To be honest, I do not know enough to be comfortable trading cryptos.
On the face of it, it looks attractive, but my main concern is the volatility.
If I were to get into it, with my limited knowledge,
it would be no different to me walking into a casino,
and trying my luck at the blackjack table.
I am sure one day I will look back and realize
how big an opportunity I missed out on.
I hope that you reach your goal of $1mil.
I do agree with you, there is a real potential
for this coin to reach $100

Never bought Steemit, making my mind after reading this article and also I believe it is beneficial to invest in it for more value on this portal.

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@tts sent sbd recently.

Investors know that their money will grow into a money tree and their time will used to othr activity. so they have a money cattle.
i want do it too, in other hand I have money. So in this platform I will collect penny and penny, cent by cent while I hope get the bigger one.

I think you will get the high level so you will get many profit. I wish you luck.

100 dollar steem would be sweet

I won't be surprised with another bull run Steem hits that threshold and like @abdulmanan stated, Steem needs to get to that stand alone phase then we are good.

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yeah, i'm pretty sure STeem is going to hit that milestone, the reason steem/BTC dependent ratio is decreased day by day and then steem will emerge as a stand-alone coin.
I hope i too will be in that club :p

thanks for your information about crypto

You provide a nice and vaid info to us. Thankyou

Some rumors that I generate, steem will be priced $ 100 at the end of the year, this is just a rumor and does not mean at the end of last year a guide. we can not guarantee 100% of it, which is unique from the crypto world.
I am more positive to trade and be patient when the loss position, and this is reasonable in trading.

I agree with you on the STEEM part.

Because i see STEEM as the future social coin

Fingers cross, hope to join this club too 😊

Yeah , I honestly don't really think about it. I do not think my
$2,000 + investment in Steem will turn into that kind of money.

But I think over time I can develop a decent Cash flow form Steemt via blogging. Nothing full time but a few hundred to a thousand a month.

Thanks for posting @whatageek

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What about 'unrecoverable accounts' and the overvaluation of cryptocurrencies?

The market will have further corrections but that's a good thing

I'm Japanese