Waves June Review

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Waves June Review

Hello and welcome to Waves’ June review! Here you’ll find news of the most important events and highlights for Waves from the past month.

Key Highlights

  • Waves named Best Cryptocurrency of 2018. This June the Waves Platform was honoured to receive the Best Cryptocurrency 2018 award from The-Blocks.com!

  • New DEX. The most recent set of updates brings the Waves DEX into line with the user experiences of the most popular crypto exchanges, and in fact offers even more sophisticated functionality than some of the top trading platforms.

New DEX Launched

  • Waves Soccer Tokens. Waves has been running a great offer to help heat up the biggest sporting event of 2018. We have been issuing two special tokens: Soccer Token (SOCCER) and MutCoin (MTN). Both airdrops went really well!

‘Russian team played extremely well yesterday, but was quite unlucky. Mutcoin project is over, tomorrow [July 9] buy walls will be set at DEX and the coin will be bought back at 2 Waves apiece. RO-SSI-YA!!!’ — Waves CEO Alexander Ivanov.

Dev & Tech

Waves Node


  • Waves Data Service. A simple and convenient way for retrieving data from the Waves blockchain.


  • How Waves community benefits from Vostok. Waves CEO Alexander Ivanov answers questions from the Waves community.
  • Waves Ambassadors Programme. Our Ambassadors Programme is rapidly expanding. In June, Waves organised 14 meetups in Canada, Russia, Algeria, Nigeria, Venezuela, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Austria and Turkey, with 300 attendees. Interested in joining the programme? Learn more here.

B2B & Events

Waves’ official statement on rumours of the company’s liquidation

In connection with blog and media publications on the liquidation of the legal entity for Waves that was registered in the UK, the Waves team officially states the following — we’re not going out of business. In fact, we’re very active and thriving. Learn more.


Amsterdam. Watch Waves CEO Alexander Ivanov talking about the development of the blockchain industry, potential use-cases and the features of the Waves Platform.

  • TechXLR8 2018. An interview with Sasha Ivanov on blockchain innovation, bringing value to enterprises. Watch it here.


TMT Blockchain Fund Plans Surge In Start-up Activity By Partnering With The Waves Platform
WAVES listed on OKEX
WAVES listed on Huobi
Guarda adds WAVES support to multicurrency web wallet

Waves Lab

  • How to run an ICO. Step-by-step instructions on how to organise alternative investment through an ICO.

Waves Lab. How to run an ICO

Got an idea for a great blockchain project? Apply to join Waves Lab! Apply now.

Waves June Numbers

Waves June Numbers

Articles & Media

Waves Platform Data Transactions

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Such a detailed post about Waves coin . Am sure their official website too would not have this much information about it. (Lols)

Hi your article is very good.
i want to translate it and share your idea with people around me.
am from China, Beijing.
hope can get your early response discuss about this.
Thank you so much for your sharing.

Waves should be more popular than it already is being quite underrated and undervalued. So many new developments and a very fast blockchain platform, people will take notice sooner or later.