Waves May Review

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Hey there! Here’s our May review of the major highlights for the Waves Platform. Enjoy the read!

Waves Client

Monero Gateway

New Gateway: Monero

Monero was added to the list of cryptocurrencies available within the Waves client.

DEX Redesign

Our team is constantly improving the Waves Client. Besides fixing bugs and introducing minor updates, we’re currently redesigning the DEX, with a new version coming out in June.

05-A1 Dex - Default.png
A redesigned version of the DEX: the new UI will make your trading experience even better.


Waves Ambassadors Programme

Waves Ambassador Programme

We are launching the Waves Ambassadors Programme. Play a key role in the growth of the world’s most powerful blockchain platform. Apply now!

Waves Platform Forum

Official Waves Platform Forum

Communication with the community, Waves devs and product teams made easier — Waves Platform Forum launched.

MRT Buyback

MRT Buyback

We’ve started the MRT buyback programme. Learn more here.

Dev & Tech


Payment API

A great feature for shop owners and merchants, allowing payments in WAVES or any other Waves token. Learn more about how to install the Payment API on your site.

Smart Contracts

Waves’ smart contracts are getting better every day. In May, our smart contracts got some cool updates:

  • Improvements to RIDE language safety and capabilities (union types, smart assets trading)
  • IDE is going through a major update.

Check Waves smart contracts IDE here.
You can read the white paper on Waves Smart Contracts here.

Waves May Numbers

Waves May Numbers

Waves Node

Waves Node May Update

Version 0.13.2 of the Waves Node has been released on Mainnet! It includes the following:

  • Data transactions
  • Burn any token
  • Fee sponsorship
  • Fair PoS

Find Waves Node Version 0.13.2 here.

B2B & Events


New York

Watch the video "Waves Platfrom New York Meetup: A Decade Into the Blockchain Revolution" recorded during at Consensus 2018 event.


"Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will fundamentally change the financial market"

Q&A with Alexey Kofman

Alexey Kofman, Product Manager of Waves Node, talks about Waves nodes, Fair PoS, Sponsored Transactions, Data Transactions and Smart Contracts.

Waves Summer Road Show Dates

Learn more about the dates here.


Waves & LegalThings

Waves & LegalThings

Legaltech startup LegalThings will be launching the public sale of LegalThings One — LegalThings’ blockchain project — on the Waves Platform, as a part of a long-term strategic partnership between the two companies.

Waves & MageWorx

Waves & MageWorx

MageWorx, LLC, an established Magento, and Shopify developer, announced a strategic partnership with Waves, the global public blockchain platform. The free Waves Crypto Payments for Magento 2 stores will open quality-new perspectives for merchants and customers.

Waves Lab

Meet the projects that ride on Waves

An overview from the Waves Lab accelerator of around 20 startups and businesses that are going to launch and operate on the Waves Platform worldwide!

Tradingene ICO launched

Waves Lab participant Tradingene — a blockchain-based marketplace of trading algorithms — has launched its ICO.

Restaurant accepts WAVES

Waves Lab participant Paytomat launched Sunny-Yummy Russian Kitchen — the first restaurant where you can pay with WAVES.

50 projects

Fifty projects applied to join Waves Lab in May 2018. Apply now!

Articles & Media

Waves launches smart contracts on testnet

CryptoNinja’s article on Waves’ smart contracts functionality.

Waves Smart Contracts Arrive on Testnet

In the world of cryptocurrency, innovation takes many different forms. Whereas most people pay attention to Bitcoin exclusively, it is not the only currency with some innovative features. Waves, for example, recently introduced smart contract functionality.

Just Drop It

How Waves is catching on as the platform to use for airdrops.

SIMDAQ Crypto Marketplace to Use Waves Smart Contracts Blockchain

SIMDAQ marketplace announced that more opportunities will be available on Waves. Traders of all levels will have access to a dApp that provides services like trading signals and robots, educating and mentoring new traders, and other knowledge-sharing essentials.

Meet The Russians Behind Your Blockchain (And Cryptocurrency, Too)

The Russians (including Russian-Americans and expats) building blockchain companies include guys like Aleksander Ivanov, founder of the Waves Platform.

Blockchain’s big show: The good, the bad, and the ugly of Consensus 2018

“After Ivanov touted Waves’ position as the world’s fastest blockchain and second biggest ICO platform, which now supports smart contracts, my neighbor turned to me and gasped, ‘How did I miss this project?’”

Hollywood producer plans to incentivize content viewers with tokens

New startup TaTaTu is aimed at bringing a social, crypto economy to the entertainment industry. Building the platform will be CTO Jonathan Pullinger, who has worked on several blockchain projects, including the Waves Platform.

Watch blockchain disrupt the real world

Companies like Waves, which is celebrating the release of smart contracts in May, are springing up to build fast, low-cost, secure and user-friendly blockchain platforms to open the revolution up to everyone - individuals and companies alike. How are we already changing the world?

Blockchain-based Messaging and Social Media

Today we can’t imagine our lives without online social activities, even though there have been protests against social networks. Why do people show dissatisfaction with today’s social networks?

Vanity Address Generation

Crypto addresses are effectively long strings of random characters that aren’t always easy to recognise or distinguish. That’s why personalising them with a vanity address can be fun and handy.

Could Waves Become The Top ICO Platform?

We’ll strive to take the hard work out of keeping up-to-date by reviewing some of Waves’ achievements and taking a moment to consider their position and potential, ultimately answering the question: could Waves become the top ICO platform?

Waves Platform: 1 Million Blocks Reached and Other Numbers

The millionth block was signed at 1:56 PM UTC, 14 May 2018. Check out some other great Waves statistics in this article.

Security tokens? Inevitable

The most controversial token type is equity, or security tokens. They are backed by profits or equity in a business that does not even have to be blockchain related.

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