Who’s receiving delegations? – Colored

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By suggestion of @miniature-tiger (https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@miniature-tiger/re-verodato-how-s-receiving-delegations-20180612t111623751z) I put some different colors on the chart showing the main accounts receiving delegations (https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@verodato/how-s-receiving-delegations#@miniature-tiger/re-verodato-how-s-receiving-delegations-20180612t111623751z).

Each color represents a different type of account, as shown by the legend. I could have possibly made some errors classifying the accounts into types so please correct me if I am wrong.

The code

Now let's see the R code to build the chart. First we have to classify each top 30 account into a type.

platforms <- data.table(name = c('dlive','dsound','dtube','busy','busy.pay','utopian-io','steemhunt','steempress-io','tribesteemup','esteemapp'), type = 'platform')
bidbots <- data.table(name = c('postpromoter','appreciator','smartsteem','buildawhale','upme','rocky1','booster','therising','upmewhale','boomerang','minnowbooster','tipu'), type = 'bid-bot')
admin <- data.table(name = c('steemcleaners','spaminator'), type = 'admin')
individuals <- data.table(name = c('sweetsssj','kpine','surpassinggoogle','adamkokesh','v4vapid','canadian-coconut'), type = 'individual')
unknown <- data.table(name = c('steemed-proxy'), type = 'unknown')

Then we consolidate all the types into the "type" data.table. In the next step we associate colors to each type of account.

type <- rbind(platforms,bidbots,admin,individuals,unknown)

color <- data.table(
  color = c('#a9dba9','#ff8989','#505793','#f9ff98','#ffffff'),
  type = c('platform','bid-bot','admin','individual','unknown')

type <- merge(color,type)

The "treemap" function is almost the same as the one from the last post but it is worth showing it here because there are some subtle differences.

df <- data.frame( type[top_rvc][order(rvs,decreasing = T)] )

        vSize = 'rvs',
        vColor = 'color',
        type = 'color',
        title="Top 30 accounts that receive most delegations",
        fontsize.labels = 20,
        force.print.labels = T,
        overlap.labels = 0.4,
        algorithm = 'pivotSize'

Finally, the legend, that was built outside of the treemap function.

  esquema_cores <- color[,color]
  labels <- color[,type]
  altura  <- 0.08
  largura <- 0.05
  x_pos <- 0.04
  for(i in 1:nrow(color)){
    vp <- viewport(x=x_pos,y=y_pos,width=largura,height=altura,just="bottom")
    grid.rect(just="left",gp=gpar(fill = esquema_cores[i]))
    vp <- viewport(x=x_pos + 0.07,y=y_pos,width=largura,height=altura,just="bottom")
    x_pos <- x_pos + 0.2  

There's much more lines of code here in comparison with last post. But now we have much more information in the same chart!

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Very nice!

I think @tribesteemup is a collective, something like The Alliance. Agree it's hard to classify as it's the only one of its kind up there.

Good to see Utopian-io at the top. My personal favourite!

Interesting article. I subscribed to you. Subscribe to me. Let's be friends

nice use of R!

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Looks great!

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dtube seems pretty big

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Nice infographic

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