Mining with own hardware ! EASY OR DARD ? NOT CLOUD MINING

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Hi Everyone!

if u are interested in cryptocurrency u should check out the free mining site:
it´s very simple.

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I did 2000 bytecoin (and now they are growing) and some other small parts of ETH, ETC, XMR...


2000 Nice what are you using for a hardware


I've a "normal" sony vaio, it's an Intel Core i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHz with a nVidia GeForce GT 620 M


but it works ^^ better then nothing :P

if your machine has a heavy hardware then only minergate is successful otherwise it is useless. I mined BCN on minergate for 10 days and mined only 17 coins whose value is nothing and there is one more problem that you can not withdraw it until you mined 100 BCN.

Pointless unless you have a serious amount of computing power and I mean serious


but it works or not ^^


Yes it does work

Becareful with your accounts on Minergate i got hacked and all my coins got wiped out