I C O explained

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If you are a crypto trader or investor , you have probably heard about I.c.o (initial coin offering) .
What is it?
Well! It's like a presale , have you ever bought a mobile phone online on presale , where you get amazing discount and lowest price the company selling the product can target the market with such low offering to know the possible outcome before launching which is quite helping on the other hand the customer who bought the product got special discount for trusting the company.


The iCO can be explained as:
Alex's company wants to launch XYZ coins but the company doesn't hold enough funds or the company thinks that the coin will be devalued after launching because of lack of investors .
So Alex make a master plan to crowd fund his decentralized project by offering coin one month before launch date at lowest possible price.
Let's say 1 bitcoin = 10000 xyz coins
People invested their money Alex gave them their share before launch.

What are the benefit of investing in ICO?


The top most benefit is that there is a highest possibility of coins price huge climb after the token is launched at official decentralized platform.
We have example of coins gaining over 6000% to 1% at the decentralized cloud storage launch time.
The negative side is if the coin failed to gain popularity even if the price shoots up, it is difficult to exchange coin to cash which can sometimes take up to 6 months for exchanges to recognize it.

I personally invested in some of iCOs which gave me the best return, I m not going to name it now, I will share my iCOs payout and earning on upcoming posts in few days

Best of luck STEEMIANS
Always make wise decision while putting your real money in.

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Nice article

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i prefer token sales, sounds fancier and cooler!

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