AVINOC Tokens Now Listed on First Crypto Exchange - 95% Lower Priced Than In Promotions!

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So as I pointed out in my recent post about Avinoc, it seemed to me that their ability to come through with their claimed payout levels with regards their token Airdrop was impossible.. and it appears I was right...

As you can see in the following screenshot, the avinoc airdrop page stated that I would receive tokens 'currently' (approximately.. maybe)... valued at $1 USD each.

Avionic Airdrop Promo

Since the budget allocated for the airdrop could in no way support that valuation, given the number of people who received the airdrop, it was clear that the actual value would probably be much less.

Today, Avinoc tweeted that their tokens are listed on the first exchange - which is coinbe.

Avinoc Tweet

The current last sale price, as of writing this blog is - 0.00000975 BTC per token - which works out at around $0.06 USD per token. Quite a drop from the advertised price of $1 USD!

Avinoc price on Coinbe

As I said in my previous post, it was pretty clear that this kind of outcome would be inevitable - but I still feel that the marketing of the airdrop was deliberately formatted to present information in a quite misleading way.

None the less, $20USD at this point could at some point be worth much more if the project becomes successful in the future!

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I run a social network too!


What a surprise!

Indeed - it is almost as if the standard level of integrity in life has dropped to next to nothing! But I'm sure that's just me being a 'conspiracy theorist' again. lol

Would`nt that actually come out to about $0.10 each, rather than $1.00 each, on the airdrop page?

Avinoc tokens are currently listed at: 0.00001500 BTC
BTC is currently $6,947.11USD.

6947.11 * 0.000015 = $0.1042

so yes, you are right at the current price.. I guess I must have taken a 'last' price from the exchange and since then the price has jumped up.

Well, what I`m saying is, that is what they said they were worth on the airdrop page. It does not work out to $1.00 per point.

The price listed on the token sale page at around the time of the airdrop was $1, which is why I was sent 287.4 tokens.

Maybe I`m confused but, 2874 divided by $1.00 equals $2874.00, not $287.00

I had a similar thing with XYO network, with it's ongoing token sale. I did a little bit of research and I threw some money at them. There is a choice to be made about whether we pay the ICO people what they are asking, and feed it into the project - or whether we buy the tokens from an exchange.

When the value on the exchange is much lower than what the ICO is asking for, it makes me wonder which price is really real.

It can feel quite scammy, when you pay people who seem to have a great team and a great project. And then someone else can get the same amount of tokens for half of what you paid for them.

I guess not everyone can buy the tokens from the exchange, because these are actually created through these first sales or drops, and then presumably dumped by disillusioned or impatient people.

I guess it's hard to tell when the crypto scene is so volatile, their is potential for some of these projects to go up in value by massive amounts. Having paid a bit more than someone else could seem minor in two or three years when those tokens are worth 50x to 100x that.

To me it looks very much like the alleged $1USD value that is listed as the final sale value (following numerous entries at $0.05) was only there to artificially inflate the price for the airdrop, so that they could falsely claim to be giving away more than they every could do. The only places that the value of $1usd has ever been mentioned is on the airdrop page and on the sale page as a temporary value. As soon as it hit the first exchange, this value was gone. Not a good look. But yes, the value still could shoot up anyway!

nice write-up.
cool Steem Ocean tool also

Thankyou! I notice you have a few spare witness vote slots - It would be great and would help me develop steem ocean further if you would add me as one! :)

absolutely. You're doing some quality stuff and you deserve my vote.

great screen name by the way

I'm still waiting for mine... Think they are going to do mine last and give me the 10k coinomi prize also 😂....
Which with their calculations would be $600🤔.
Still, getting somthing for doing a few simple tasks is pretty sweet. I'm married, I do simple tasks to not get yelled at. 😁

But it makes me question when ICO's deceive people from the get go.... How much faith will the people holding their Tokens have in the project?
Investors would take things like that into consideration before buying. I understand they want to grow their awareness and user base, but at the risk of your reputation... Personally I don't think it's a smart idea.

Not saying that was avinocs intention.
But with some of the ICO's.... Certainly!

However in saying that, hold your Tokens for now. I reckon they will go up. Now is a good time to get rid of any money hungry people who only came for a quick buck.
Buy their cheap Tokens and hold. I wouldn't be surprised if the single exchange listing and low price was a purposely planned tactic from the company(they are partnered with coinomi now, who is also connected with changely and shape shifter) hold!

If it is intentional, it's a smart move on their behalf, get rid of them now to hopefully gain more stability as the value increases over the coming months.

But I'm new to all this, I'm not a financial advisor, just my thoughts on the topic, in saying that if anyone wants to sell their avinoc for steem or SBD at current prices hit me up.
I don't want to loose steem, but in a few months steem will be back up.... But maybe not 5x or even 10x.... But who knows in this crazy game?

Thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

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i got 420 tokens from the airdrop, " in theory" that should be 420$ but it is actually too much perfect to be true! i knew from the beggining that i was no going to get 420 dollars but if i get at least 50$ or 100$ for doing nothing i will be really really happy!

Have you receive your fair share from the recent airdrop. Mine didn't receive it yet. I use coinomi wallet for that airdrop.

i have received some tokens, but as this post states, their value is reduced. The distribution of the airdrop tokens will continue for a few more days.

I never actually got any avinoc coins but with those prices i care less

got 333 of them today, would have been nice o sell them for a buck each

Great info. Cheers

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