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RE: An objective look at NovaBlitz - A Blockchain Trading Card Game

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Thank you MudCat, You did not need to resteem. But I am greatful... My posts has some movement and it seems I can slowly start saving up steem.

A quick question, do I receive steem rewards after around 7 days. I just have not seen any growth in my wallet and was wondering if this is a timely process... Im not in a rush, just curious.


Righto, so basically the post has 7 days to be voted on, at the end of that period the post pays out. Half of the reward will be given to you in Steem power, the other half in SBD. Now if you wanted to change this or perhaps alter the pay out allocation when you post then you would click the pay out distribution setting you see at the bottom right hand corner of a post when your creating it. For instance you can click 50/50 or full payout in steem power, or no payout at all by clicking cancel pay out. Once that is done though and you've submitted the post, you can't go back and edit it sadly. Hope this helps and if you have any questions then give me a shout.

I believe I understand now, Thank you, I see on my posts the days till payout area. I set my new posts to Full Payout in Steem Power. For Now. I have no intention of cashing anything out soon so would rather push up my Steem Power. for the forseeable future...

It's a good approach and the one I used for many months when I started out. Please keep me in the loop as you go along and if at any point you feel like you're struggling with post exposure or just need a hand then shout. I can ask others who help me with supporting the community to assist and if your content is clearly a work of sincerity and effort, no matter the topic, we will get it as far out as our lines can cast. Best of luck matey and Steem on.

Will surely keep this in mind. On other networks my posts are well received, I have been at posting for a while. But this is a different game. Enjoy your day and I will keep the above in mind.

Hey MudCat36, If the offer still stands, I just posted a new post, If I could This one was more the kind of content I will be posting than my post on NovaBlitz. Enjoy your day. I got a very high vote on my intro post. Which seemed good. Will get some steem out of it. But expanding my network will be a timely process it seems. Will catch up later on.

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