The MonaCoin airdrop is a scam - Sorry guys!

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A few days ago, I wrote an article about an airdrop almost too good to be true. And guess what, it was too good! The MonaCoin airdrop promised us 50 tokens which have a total value of more than 100 USD. Unfortunately, I wrote my original article before doing deep research, and now I regret that.
scam alert monacoin.jpg
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Today, I decided to visit the official MonaCoin website, and I was surprised that there was no mention of the airdrop. I also looked for links to their social media profiles (of which you had to follow them on four different to take part in the airdrop), and I saw no links to any of them. The only social media link is one taking you to their Twitter profile, and this is not the one you have to follow as you sign up for the airdrop.

And even better, the pinned tweet on the official Twitter channel looks like this:
mona scam.jpg

So, they are referring to the Tweet from the scam channel about the airdrop and calling it a scam.

What is scary about this?

I was tricked, and I shared the news. Yes, that is scary. And, the new Twitter channel has more than 5000 followers, which is more than the official MonaCoin channel. And, if you search Google for MonaCoin Twitter, the scam channel is what will show up, and not the official coin channel.

Also, if you signed up for the airdrop and used passwords that you use generally everywhere, this might harm you, and that is one more reason for you to use different passwords everywhere.

I am really sorry about bringing you this bad news, and I am sorry for misleading you in the first place in my original writing about the airdrop.

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My friend, no one does not want to mistake, your job was to share the information. You shared all the steamians with a monacoined post as an information. It is not your fault. Friends, you also corrected the mistake by giving information to avoid all the steamians from the scam of Monacoin.

@unbiasedwriter, enjoy the vote!

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Really!!! It may alarming! May impact negatively on cryptocurrency market.

I doubt it will, had to little influence and few people have heard about it. But, it isn't positive...

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Hi, Today I also got the airdrop msg and I did same thing.. What I did is that first I visted Monacoin official website and there I checked its Official twitter account. When I visited their original twitter account I found a pinned post where they also mentioned the airdrop!!! So my question is why this airdrop mentioned on their offical twitter account. (its right that the official twitter is different from the one which given on airdrop page but its also true that their offical twitter account has itself twitted this airdrop in pinned msg!!!)

on the official Twitter account it is only mentioned because they want to warn people against the scam airdrop. So, they are writing a Tweet that the tweet about the airdrop is NOT from their original Twitter account, but from some scam account.

It's good you came and told everyone.. it's hard with crypto every thing is a scam lol..

Check this if you get time - :)