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RE: - Your One-stop App For Cryptocurrency Transactions And Social Networking

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Thank you for writing about this fantastic project. I used to see the SNT token on the Coinmarketcap, but I never delve deeper into the project. It is cool you wrote about it. Well done!

I appreciate the information provided. However, the post would have benefited from another edit pass. There are many grammars and proofreading issues.

I will cite an example. is an instant messaging operating system network built on the Ethereum blockchain which allows users to chat, exchange ERC-based tokens, browse the network while at the same time providing secure crypto wallet.

That is your definition for Status, and I think it is cumbersome. Adding ''operating system'' to an instant messaging app is quite confusing. Also, ''while'' and ''at the same time'' is more of tautology.

Aside from the proofreading issues in the post, there are many hard and unclear sentences. I would advise you to keep your writing simple. Short sentences are easier to read.

Again, thank you for your contribution. I hope to see some improvements in your future posts.

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Thanks a lot for the comment, buddy. I'll take note of this in my subsequent posts

Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

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