Litecoin (LTC) Strong bullish

in cryptocurrency •  9 months ago

Undoubtedly, all FUDs and drama and regulation will talk, it's time to buy the coin.

The story can not change and refers to past price actions, fear is at the top. While investors and pundits continue their barrage, prices are bottoming up and synchronization at reasonable prices.

In the 4HR chart, prices not only reacted to $ 100, but a strong bullish outcome pattern is right at the 78.6% Fibonacci retracement level.

Encouragingly, prices are also returning from last year's breakout line, and I can say that the second phase of a major bullion-breaking pattern is complete. I recommend buying when LTC prices close over $ 140.


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Thanks for sharing and confirming long term entry over $140, it makes sense @tradewonk

I picked up some LTC yesterday between 103.5 and 111 with a big chunk of fiat (5figures), it was honestly abit scary with the drop in Steem & BTC not reversing yet when I started buying at 105 (then going down and then going up and still forcing myself to keep buying) but for me it seems like a logical coin to hold instead of just BTC.

It's good to see that others also see a >$300 potential run up. Anything over that and if Steem is still below $10 then I'll convert half or more into Steem Power.

Any thoughts on that strategy?

I am totally agree with you.I think Litecoin price will increase soon and It's perfect time buy in low price.

thanks for your recommendations friends. regards

It's a very good information about cryptocurrency for trading
Litecoin LTC is very good coin to buy

Let’s hope for Fibonacci.

Good post informativ post like me also

Thanks well said buddy
It's a very correct time to buy litecoin LTC
Cryptocurrency rocking

I agree with you. This is a great opportunity to invest. The LTC price is also very good. @tradewonk

Es muy buen consejo, los precios bajista no se mantendrán por mucho tiempo, seria prudente invertir y ver esa inversión como una inversión a largo plazo, para que entremos en pánico con las fluctuaciones.

Nic word.

Let's hope for the best! And I agree, a great time to buy Litecoin! :) Eventually soon it has to go back up, I am holding to almost 20 of them xD Great post!

Sans the Charlie Lee issue that has actually received mixed reviews, everything is looking great for LTC to make another huge run. More exchanges and payment gateways are now adding LTC and several Lightning Network nodes are already running. I think once BTC consolidates or continues its run, LTC will follow and will even surpass BTC's growth by more than two-fold.

yeah i agree with you lite coin have good volume .. its time to invest in litecoin.. thanks for information .. keep it up :)

it's time to buy the coin.

Agree here. It's perfect time to buy coin.

@tradewonk. Almost a perfect example of the fibonnaci retracement in that graph basically follows every line of resistance and support. Hopefully between (3)- (4) of your predicted movement finds the support it needs @ 50% to carry the momentum forward and upwards.

yes brother you are right this is the right type to buy the coin. market will boostup afyer june and july. this is the only drama created by the investors.

All the big investors are taking the benifit from the current situation of the market and this situation is bit scary for the all new and small investors, on the other hand i suggest ou all not to buy the bitcoin because now the conditions and situation is changed for bitcoin :)

I buy my fairshare of litecoin when it soar to 120 dive.

Its Like
High Risk
High Reward
High Loss
I have already invested in this coin because i had a feeling that it will go up.
Thanks for sharing