Crypto Market Musing: Steem Monsters / Tezos / EOS / Bitcoin.

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Hi investors let's go over some crypto stuff.


Steem Monsters.

Thanks to the hard work of @aggroed, the STEEM blockchain now has its own collectible trading card game:



The dApp was deployed in its alpha version a few days ago and allows you to purchase one basic starter pack as well as an infinite number of booster packs (5 cards each) directly from your Steem account with STEEM or SBD coins. Pre-sale participants have a higher chance to draw rare cards and all funds will go towards developing new features (including a market place), improve the design of the cards and support a KickStarter campaign to increase awareness of the game beyond the Steem community.

It's very neat!


Unlike Crypto Kitties, Steem Monsters aren't unique but will accrue in value as they level-up either through experience gained in battle or by combining two of the same cards. It's yet to be seen how this mechanism will play out in the long term but I wouldn't be surprised if the developers decided to implement unique cards in the near future to increase the appeal of their platform.

I was lucky enough to draw one legendary card in my first booster pack:




After over a year of Shakespearean cloak and dagger drama around its disaster ICO, it's looking like Tezos is finally going into a beta-net release of its protocol:


After reaching fundamental milestones in recent months, the Tezos Foundation is excited to announce that final preparations for the Tezos beta network («betanet») are underway. As launch approaches, the Foundation will make further announcements with additional details on this website.

Although no dates were announced, that piece of news was enough to move the IOU market which, despite the bear market, has been continuously increasing in value since Johann Gevers, the former head of the Tezos Foundation and Tezos community's arch-nemesis stepped down following months of mismanagement which stalled the development of the project.


Thinks are looking up for Tezos and we'll make sure to follow-up on future developments in case this market turns into the next EOS.

Speaking of which...


EOS' much anticipated main-net release is right around the corner as its much controversial ICO will end on June 1st at 22:59:59 UTC. You can find a complete rundown of the launch here and once again do not forget to register your tokens if you want to save yourself some post-launch headaches.
The ERC-20 tokens will be frozen 23 hours after the end of the token distribution and it will certainly be interesting to see how the market will behave in the last hours leading up to the freeze.


My personal theory is that most of the speculative money has already been ejected from the market on that massive dump and the current balance is looking quite solid which makes me think that we could see the price ramp up from there.


...unless Bitcoin decides to spoil the party that is.



Until proven otherwise my bias is still bearish which prompted me to close my dip-buy trade from 5 days ago in profit on this mini rally.

Trade Safe!

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Hey Dan, thanks for the update. Are you taking a close look into some resistance or support break from eos in order to buy or sell in the next days? Are you still going to sell some before launch? Cheers!

Hi @etka, how are you doing mate, since the price hasn't exactly been doing what I expected it to do I had to change my strategy, I scooped up some more EOS at around $12 which I added to my long term stash and I'll be looking for a price pump on listing to unload my trading stash. Have you registered your tokens?

Hey mate, all good thanks for your reply! I'm thinking the same, just can't sell at this point. Have them all registered and ready. I'd like to buy some more, but not sure if I should do that now or wait till launch. Cheers mate, best of luck.

As I said I think most speculation has left the stage at this point... if you want to buy more just make sure the tokens aren't frozen, launch is really really close now!

Nice to see you and I Upvoted you :) !
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