Siacoin breaks them all!

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If you are into proven team with working projects, then I guess you are into Sia.

This morning I launch tradingview and see that SC/BTC broke the daily MA-30:

This is a big move due to the history of this moving average for altcoins: look how it's been a sure resistance between July to December 2017 then how it goes above every times it's rallying.

There is also a double bottom that could have triggered your attention early.

Sia v1.3.3

A new version have been released today. The big new feature is the possibility to stream videos from the Sia network.

From there you can imagine sites like Vimeo having the possibility to use cheap and secure storage, and saving bandwidth.

OKex listing

The biggest of all crypto exchanges added SC deposit yesterday.
It will open trading of it against BTC, ETH and USDT on June 11th, 16pm (UTC+8).
Withdrawal will be available on June 12th, 16pm (UTC+8).

Those are the dates to watch carefully. The uptrend being seemingly backed only by news, without having been preceded by accumulation, could get dumped rapidly, the same way it happened with UpBit.

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Sia is a great project. I am closely watching sia coin price action.

sia is one of my long term hodls -- might move a few other coins 'into' $sc soon

I appreciate your effort to bring news to us. Not your fault, but as a user I feel very unconfortable with Sia. It is exremely slow and is consuming all my money by low storage volumes. (Why do I need 116 small contracts, 4,44 SiaCoin each one? 3 nights running the software and my file still not uploaded etc., see my post). But let's see the new version.

Anybody ever used Sia system here?

I have tried Storj. It was very disappointing. I am still hoping Storj, Sia or Filecoin come out with a quality storage solution.

I believe in sia
Im hodling until the end of year or may be longer

I'm holding until the chart tells me to sell 😉

me too. I hope it will go to the moon again soon!

It surely will. It shows a lot of strength compared to other coins.
It may pump in less than 40 days.

I just heard about siacoin, thanks for the information @taucancrypto

You're welcome 😉

Pls follow me

SIA is amazing. I'm observing closely.

Love siacoin! Ive written avout this project and hold quite a few coins. Thanks, Resteemed.

Sia is good project!

Very interesting project, thanks for sharing and I will have a look into the company!

Waiting for sia to get listed on binance

Wow sia listed after couple of days

SiaCoin has been one that I have believed in right from the start, I struggle to understand why it isn't more popular, or why such little marketing has been invested into it. Are SC that confident that the product will market itself, or are they not confident enough to plow more resource into marketing? - I hope it's the former.

Thanks for the updates and I will be keeping a close eye on those dates too!

why such little marketing has been invested into it

They want the product to be fully finished and ready beforehand.
They will target businesses only (whose contrary to private persons, have money and knowledge), so their marketing will certainly not be perceived by the mainstream people.

I was hoping that was the case, I like the fact it has been able to get where it is with the minimal marketing, shows potential! Thanks again for the great post and for taking the time to reply to my message!

very nice article. thank you for sharing . learned alot to your informative post.

Wow ...seems i'm really missing out somewhere. Gonna check this out. @toucancrypto, your legal disclaimer is really a seriouse on. Always give me big assurance.

When the SIA team advertises and the SIA cloud becomes better known, I see good opportunities that sia becomes market leader in cloud storage

they really need to tackle this part of their project; the more 'possible' they make cloud storage, running on siacoin the better; for us all.

Soon they will have to compete with the very well financed Filecoin releasing their product.

Being over-financed is not being well financed. Take a look at Tezos and most of the ICOs.
Sia has many millions from venture funding.

will sia sell $1 within 2018?

Hopefully 🤑
This would be really big. A bit too big...

Hi @toucancrypto

I've never heard about this project before. Sounds quite interesting. Definetly will do some extra research.


ps. You just killed appreciator bot with your 50 sbd bid lol.

obviously upvoted, cheers. Piotr

I'm still at gain with appreciator because my post was only 10 minutes old. So the curation reward is reduced.
You should only use bots that accept a minimum post age of 20 mins if your post is over 30 mins age 😉

thanks @toucancrypto for your comment. i appreciate the fact that you're sharing your knowledge with me.

the thing is that im using bots only 1 day after I post something (I want to give all curators a chance to upvote me and then enjoy some solid reward).

what do you think about this solution?


Upvotes from curators won't give you many money.

that's true. but from my experience people who upvote my content read (at least some of them) my posts

showing to your curators that you care about them by commenting their posts, showing support and upvoting your posts (so they would continue upvoting you) is increasing chance that someone will actually read your posts

so you're right to some desgree. but not completly I guess


Question is what's real in crypto? far to many hustles and scams lately to tell what's a genuine COIN. Only pushes bitcoin dominence further up 38.2% today !! Neo for me

Sia is the largest functional blockchain cloud service.
It have been financed by traditional venture funding.
It's based in USA where laws are crazily draconian.

I don't know how you can question its legitimacy.

To be honest, I don't see what people see in a cryptocurrency

I will try to be as simply as possible... for instance you can earn more than 5% in a monthly rate and you can participate also within the new global platform for the development of new technologies whatever the applicatin field may be...

Besides, you can use these new cryptocurrencies with a very friendly platform and with a VERY low fee when those exist. So, your money will become to be your money.

Freedom from control and censure.
Money, independence.

That's in theory. But can it really be achieved?
Sooner or later someone will start misusing it. They already did. Remember the online silk road? USA captured the criminals behind it and those who used it, and took away their bitcoins...and sold it to guys with deep pockets

the same was said about the internet; we will be fine

This website is driven by a cryptocurrency.

Have to disagree with you.
This website is driven by community.
The cryptocurrency reward is an benefit for using it

To be honest I don't see SIA as a profitable investment. But since it's price is super low, it would be a good training ground for those who want to try trading and investing in cryptocurrency.
After all, with only $1 you can buy ~65 of Siacoins

Sia is amazing. Some say the pseudo-anonymity is just a marketing trick but i really believe that its rather the underlying message sent thats important.
The hype is real and hopefully we will see some more amazing stuff in the near future.
Id say my favorite song of hers is Chandelier and i am a fan of the wigs.

Id say my favorite song of hers is Chandelier and i am a fan of the wigs.

I don't know if we are talking about the same thing.

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Nobody care

This is great! I am holding but also mining SiaCoin since half a year!

I am very happy about this good news :)

You can mine it with Nanopool:

I mine your mom

Absurd answer, evidently you are not apt to deepen in any subject, your brain does not have the sufficient glucose... apparently.

I'm intellectually superior

Many people believe on SiaCoin, just take a look:

In addition to the good news surrounding this Cryptocurrency, the SiaCoin is taking more and more capital volume (Market Cap and 24h-volume are increasing), so good times seem to be arriving this year for this coin, don´t you think?

Wow, are you a level 99 strategist financial analyst ?

Just asking to the wrong blogger... nobody is such strategist financial analyst in Cryptocurrencies world (even a baby knew it), with enough money a monkey will get profit from this, don´t you think?... but all the readers and bloggers can share their point of view. This is a free world and steemit is part of this freedom.

Are you a communist? Chavez-Petro-Maduro follower?

"If you are into proven team with working projects" pls..

Is there any grammar error ?
Let me know.

The most important is the meaning.

I wonder what you write, it is a pity that you did not explain it in more detail

What I write is written on my posts. Thus, I wonder how you can wonder what I write.
What details would you like ?

Now bitcoin price is too high. Other coin will go to high price. So we need to collect other coins.

Why do you make yourself looking like a degenerate ?
Maybe you are one...

wont take long before it moons , nice coin with great potential!moon.jpg

Kryptowaluta OK


Sia is a good project but it has a lot of competitors with new ideas. I think Sia`s team should be very informed and smart to compete.

Everybody feared for Sia when the Filecoin ICO went out.
half a year later it's still nothing more than a whitepaper.

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